Here’s a Few Reasons Why Amanda Nunes Beats Ronda Rousey At UFC 207

One of the biggest fights of this year is set to go down at UFC 207. Here's a few reasons why Amanda Nunes beats Ronda Rousey.

It’s been just over a year since Ronda Rousey last stepped into the UFC octagon. Those were simpler times in MMA. She was, by almost everyone’s assessment, the best female fighter on the planet, and had destroyed every single opponent that had been put in front of her. Now, MMA analysts are doubting her ability to come back, and many in the game think Amanda Nunes beats Ronda Rousey next weekend at UFC 207.

What changed?

It took just 5 minutes and 59 seconds for Holly Holm to shatter her aura of invincibility.

Rousey was unable to mount any kind of significant offense in that fight, and was knocked out with a head-kick early in the second round.

The belt had finally found a new owner; but not for long. It was this victory that changed the entire dynamic of WMMA, and is a key reason why Amanda Nunes beats Ronda Rousey next weekend.

Bantamweight title changes hands

Holly Holm became an overnight star after her destruction of Ronda Rousey. It didn’t take long for the UFC to book her a new fight, which came against Miesha Tate at UFC 196. Tate was seen as a massive underdog, but rallied after losing the majority of the fight to secure a rear naked choke victory in the 5th round to earn the title.

Once again, the division was thrown in limbo.

Tate’s first title defense was scheduled at UFC 200 against, yes you guessed it, Amanda Nunes. Surprisingly, this fight wasn’t even close. Nunes simply outclassed Tate on the feet and stopped her with a choke just over 3 minutes into the first round. Nunes became the first Brazilian UFC champion in history with the win, and her first title defense will come against Ronda Rousey at UFC 207 on January 30th.

Why Amanda Nunes beats Ronda Rousey

This isn’t some vendetta against Rousey. She was an amazing champion in her day, and paved the way for women to fight in the UFC. Unfortunately, Nunes is just better everywhere.

The Brazilian is the better striker, is more well rounded, and has been much more active as of late. If Ronda can come back it will be one of the true feel-good stories of 2017. Right now, however, the general consensus is that Amanda Nunes beats Ronda Rousey fairly easily. We now have less than 2 weeks to find out.

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