How Far Are You Willing to Go to Trick Someone Into Liking You?

Makeup, fake beard, butt pad panties, and fake camel toes. How far will you go to trick someone into liking you?

There is an overwhelming amount of fakeness in today’s dating world. It’s time to question, how far will you go to trick someone into dating or sleeping with you. I can remember when people took pride in being liked for who they were. This generation and its social media and technology, have mastered the art of pretending to be something they’re not so much, they expect it in real life as well.

You can edit photos, but you can’t edit your real life to fit the lies you’ve been telling; or can you? Today, anything you don’t have you can buy, including an ass, eye lashes, hair, a camel toe, a beard. I know I sound like I’m saying redundant things but I’m not. Today you can find a how to video on YouTube on everything from applying false lashes to applying a beard to a man’s face as one would attach hair to a head.


fake ass shit


Girls are actually running around tricking men into thinking they have phat pum pums by wearing ridiculous “camel toe panties” that come with the impression of a large camel toe. I’d guess it’s meant to attract men, funny because when I was growing up, I always tried to wear a shirt that covered my crotch area if I was wearing tight pants. Who wants weirdos staring at their crotch.

pum pum

I used to think it was bad when women used makeup to change the dimensions and colors of their faces but I figured, hey, women have been doing the makeup thing forever. Now men are wearing makeup, getting their brows done, wearing fake hair from their heads to their beards and have more chemicals than a woman.




Women meet men at the club and then have to get undressed in the dark, hoping he’ll still like her once her measurements change. I wonder what it’s like to have to put a guy out every time you hook up so he doesn’t see what you look like when you deconstruct. It’s not like they can sleep with the face full of makeup, wigs and weave, push up bra, camel toe panties and spanx they have used to trick him. How can you even enjoy sex when you’re worried your body parts or hair will fall off?

makeup is the devilmakeup is the devil
makeup is the devil


What happened to people respecting themselves enough to not want anyone who wasn’t attracted to them? Social media has made being attractive a worldwide competition. I remember when we only competed with our neighbors and people we knew personally. These days people want to look better, be more popular than and appear more well off than people they’ll never even meet.

is this fair?
is this fair?


There was even a woman using makeup to trick men into thinking she had cleavage on a video circulating social media a few weeks back.

It’s a never-ending cycle of jealousy and self-hate being replayed over and over. Camel toe panties, spray on hair, waist trainers, face contouring, all of these things are worn or done to hide who you really are. Do you hate yourself that much? What happens when the person sees the real you? Do you let anyone close enough to even know what you look like, let alone who you really are?

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