Remy Ma Leaves Nicki Minaj for Dead on Second Diss Track, “Another One.” ( Listen Here)

Nicki Minaj can just give it up now. Remy Ma dropped a second diss track titled "Another One" ala Drake. Nicki still hasn't responded to "Shether."

Yooooo Nicki Minaj might as well arrange her own funeral and retire 5 feet under where Remy Ma just left her. DECEASED, That’s what Remy Ma is calling Nicki Minaj after releasing a second diss track “Another One” last night.

The internet and music world is going bananas. It’s been so long since we had a real female emcee out here spitting bars that we don’t know how to react. I tried to stay away from this hip-hop beef. It was pointless, anyone over the age of 30 knows that Remy Ma is vicious. Had she not been arrested Nicki Minaj would never be as popular as she is.



Remy Ma came home and was doing her own thing, some people don’t know how to leave well enough alone though. Some people might as well leave the entertainment industry alone now.

In 2 songs, Remy Ma put Nicki’s whole life on blast. Revealing there may be video of Minaj in compromising situations, talking about how her fake ass dropped and Meek Mill couldn’t hit for 90 days. Remy Ma teases that she hears Nicki been calling everyone in the game from ghost writers to rap moguls in an attempt to secure help in getting back at Remy.

Nicki Minaj is finding out who her real friend are and there don’t seem to be many. The hip-hop world has jumped on board the Remy Ma bandwagon and as Nicki’s silence continues, Remy is being declared queen.

After Remy dropped her first diss track, “Shether” a to the beat of Nas’s famous Jay- Z diss track, “Ether” the hip hop world waited to see if Nicki would reply. Instead she posted pics and video snippets to social media saying she was shooting a new video. She has been completely silent on the “Shether” track, which is quickly becoming one of the internet’s most popular songs.

In releasing “Another One”, Remy Ma threw an L at Nicki Minaj that she might recognize from last year when Drake did the same to her then boyfriend, Meek Mill. Drake dropped two back to back diss tracks that practically ruined Meek Mill’s career. Meek, according to Remy, spilled the beans on some of the intimacies of him and Nicki’s relationship after their break up. Remy wasted no time using Meek’s words to eviscerate Minaj.

Listen to Shether here

Listen to Another One here

I don’t know where Nicki is and how he thinks she can continue her career after being called nothing more than an A-list groupie who basically works for free because she owns nothing and NOT responding.

But hey, this is the age of fake. Fake hair, fake asses, fake lashes. Maybe the death of a fake femcee won’t stop her lmao. Who knows, maybe she’ll turn back into Roman and re-invent herself. Maybe she can hit up Foxy Brown and ask where.

What do you think of Remy’s diss tracks? Should Nicki Minaj respond or is it too late?

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