When Ratchet Goes Viral and Gets Exploited: Who’s Going to the ‘Cash Me Outside’ Tour With Danielle Bregoli?


What kind of world do we live in when ignorance and stupidity are rewarded with international acclaim? “ Cash Me Outside” Girl, Danielle Bregoli is a prime example of when ratchet goes viral. Danielle has made a name for herself doing nothing more than spitting vile filth, being violent and having no respect for herself or anyone else.

While everyone has always loved to watch a train wreck and the line to get into a circus could stretch for miles, this is a child we’re talking about. People are watching, enjoying and funding the destruction of this child’s life. I can’t imagine what Dr. Phil thinks about the attention the teen has garnered since being on his show the first time.


Danielle Bergoli first caught the eye of the public after an appearance on Dr. Phil’s talk show in December 2016, where her mom wanted to get the troubled teen help. Her mom, Barbara Ann reported that Danielle had pulled knives on people, twerked outside in her panties, had stolen a car before and was verbally abusive. The then 13-year-old even stole one of Dr. Phil’s crew member’s car while they were at her home to film.

Danielle seemed to have no interest in cleaning up her act nor life changes, she was rude and disrespectful not only to her mom and Dr. Phil but to his audience, at one point inviting an audience member to “cash (catch) me outside, how bout dah”

Upon learning that Danielle’s mom had secured lawyers and treating Danielle more like a budding reality show star than a troubled teen, he invited them back to the show. There was no audience for Danielle to show off for, Dr. Phil grilled the mom about her intentions to get her child real help.

Little good the talk must have done, since then, Danielle has only continued to gain more popularity and attention for all the wrong reasons. Clearly attempting to live up to her newfound notoriety, the teen punched a woman in the face on a Spirit Airlines flight in February of this year. She was removed and banned from Spirit for life.


There are so many articles about negative stuff online with this child I feel bad for her. Let’s say she’s going through a normal teen out of control phase and in two years wants to clean up her life, how can she with this crap all over the net. It will never go away. It’s so sad that as a society we allow this to happen to kids. Her ignorance, lack of education ( she told Dr. Phil she  “made it” to the 7th  grade” but doesn’t appear to be going to school currently) and the fact that she has a mom willing to overlook her  well-being in exchange for paychecks  should  not be what’s dominating this “child’s” world.

She indeed is still a child and needs to be guided, not put on display. This little girl has over 9 million Instagram followers. That’s sick and unreal, why would so many people want to watch the public humiliation and degradation of a child? Looking at her Ig account it’s almost 100% easy to notice that her account it not even an account for HER, it’s all business. Have you ever seen a 14-year-old child ONLY follow 90 people? 90% of her photos are taken by someone else, not selfies, this child is being marketed and branded, not LIVING. What’s being marketed? Her ignorance, her hostile nature, and violent antics….what can you say when shows like The Real Housewives, Love and  Hip Hop and the like have taught our kids that this route was the way to stardom?

The “troubled” teen went from appearing on Dr. Phil to get help with her stability and welfare supposedly recording an album, making public appearances, signing a reality show deal and now there is talk of her going on tour.

Tour? What does a person who has no education and life skills do on tour? According to TMZ, Danielle will be lip-synching to her favorite songs with special guests, a Q&A with the audience and pulling people up on stage to “joke around”.

TMZ also reports that Danielle stands to make up to $50,000 a night if she can fill seats.

Do people pay for stuff like this? Would you pay to watch an ignorant child lip synch and talk smack from the stage? Is this what we have allowed and accepted from our youth?


What’s sad is this little girl probably didn’t have to turn out this way. Her father is a sheriff’s deputy in Florida who has been married for 13 years and has a stable home life, Danielle even has siblings. Court documents have shown that her father, Ira Peskowitz, has been fighting for more access to his daughter since she was 18 months old after her mom was awarded sole custody and Peskowitz was ordered very liberal visitation. According to Peskowitz, Barbara Ann has made that nearly impossible. He pays his child support and barely has any influence over his child’s life, which she desperately needs.

I hope someone steps in soon before we have an even sadder story to share about this young girl. I seriously fear for her life the way she’s being exploited.

Melony Hill
Thinker, Avid Reader, Couch Potato. Sapphire Hill is a writer from Baltimore Maryland who loves to delve deeper into the whys of everything. Staff writer for 86 Blvd and Badd Magazine. Blogger and talent promoter for Sapphire Spotlight On Talent.

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