Pubic Hair Broke the Internet? Nudity and Hair are Natural. Check Out These Places Where You Can Bare All

Pubic hair broke the internet? Why is a naked woman's natural body so wrong? Society instills such a negative mindset on something so natural.

A weird thing happened the other day, I was preparing for another summer trip to my favorite nude beach and during a Facebook live session, I admitted that I watch people’s pubic hair while on the beach. It’s true, I absolutely am a pubic hair watcher because I’m fascinated at how people groom themselves. To Me pubic hair is no different than the hair on your head and I want to see how it’s styled. The next morning, I woke up to news that Amber Rose had broken the internet by posting a bottomless photo that proudly displayed her trimmed, but bushy, pubic hair.

I found the photo beautiful, especially since it aligned with what we had just talked about on live. I chose to post it here unedited and My editor can use his discretion to decided if it’s tasteless or not. Her legs are closed, there’s not one part of her vagina to be seen. I confess, I am a very natural woman, I at times find it offensive that I am shamed into shaving because it is what society expects of me.

I love my hair, all of it, I don’t shave my legs, I hate that I have to shave my underarms, I hate that stereotype that women must be clean shaven. I can admit for a long span of time, I shaved bald regularly, not because

It’s okay to trim your hair, it’s even okay to shave it all off if you want but the fact that women are shamed into shaving their pubic hair bald, into a tiny strip or design to be seen as “appealing, is ridiculous.

Of course, pubic hair became a trending topic and all over social media, people were debating not only Amber’s message of empowerment, but also whether or not women should shave. Once again, everyone had an opinion. There was so much negativity thrown towards people who spoke in favor of keeping the body natural. The biggest outcry was the old staple, “what about the children?” I hate when people say that.

I for one, am a huge fan of teaching children young that the human body is not dirty or nasty but a thing of beauty. I think society instills such a negative mindset on something so natural. What makes me even more upset is when people equate nudity with something sexual. Each of us is nude at some point of every day and we can admit that it does not mean something sexual is happening.

True, some are very uncomfortable with their bodies, some were taught the naked body is a sinful thing, however, there are others who are totally free with their bodies and regard nudity as nothing more than being unclothed.

While that idea may seem foreign to some of you, I dare you to google nude beaches or resorts in your area. On the east coast alone, there are more than I could count or tell you about but just to give you an idea, check out some of the options below.

I live in Maryland and though I’ve never connected with them we have The Maryland Health Society. The Maryland health society is a privately owned nudist club that doesn’t actually employ people but is run by volunteers. If interested in visiting, they welcome you to come through, you either need to call or send an email and a volunteer will get back to you to arrange your visit. If you want to join they have a membership fee, as a visitor, you may only come three times a year. For those who are unfamiliar with the idea of naturalist and how we operate, the etiquette section on the site answers a lot. Children are 100% welcome because some of us teach our kids that the body is nothing to be ashamed of in any form and no matter how much hair you have or don’t have.

The there’s the Pine Tree Associates, billed as “America’s premiere FAMILY nudist resort.” Also, located right here in Maryland, it is a fun family oriented place to be nude. Pine Tree Associates have a myriad of fun nude events for the whole family. From Dance clubs and potlucks to a playground and pool just for kids as well as trick or treating, kids karaoke and much more.

What about the kids you say, as you stare at Amber Rose and bash her natural nudity. What about the kids? Should they continue to be taught that the human body is shameful? Do we keep letting our kids grow up being shamed for their shapes and sizes instead of teaching them early that everyone is different and that’s what makes us beautiful? Should they be taught that a woman who shows her pubic hair is a whore? The question is when did we become so puritanical that we feed into these stereotypes? You were born nude; how can it be so wrong?

America is one of the few civilized countries that is so uptight about nudity. I hope you all get a chance to visit European countries and see the difference. Yet still, I could list nudist resorts, clubs or beaches in almost every state in America.

I dare you to ask yourself why you truly feel the way you do about nudity. Is it something you decided on your own or are you just like you parents were as you grew up? Most importantly, for those who disgusted by Amber Rose displaying her pubic hair and felt that she needed to shave, may I ask why you feel that way? When I was growing up, starting to get hair under my arms and in my pubic area was a sign of maturing, puberty had set in. It was something that I knew separated me from the children. Why do you think a grown woman should attempt to revert back to looking like a child?

To find out where it’s safe to be natural, hairy and free if you’d like, check out this comprehensive list of socially nude places in North America.




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