“Dream On”, Jay Z’s Inspirational Poem Reflecting on His Rise Stardom from the Projects

Ahead of his performance during the annual Made In America festival, Jay-Z blessed fans with a powerful spoken word piece.

Jay Z’s new poem in collaboration with Budweiser, “Dream On” released on Wednesday 30th August is the latest rapper’s encouragement out people out there trying to make it in life. Unarguably, one of the biggest rapper alive, the journey of Jay Z from a project kid selling drugs to being a top performer with millions of album sales is a story many aspiring rappers would desire to emulate.

“Dream On’ tells of the tale of hard working black boy in the Brooklyn projects, his rise to worldwide fame and success amidst the challenges he encountered. The poem’s visuals harmonize with the words of the poem to create a deeper intensity and thought of the challenges the rapper faced.

As the visuals turn dim and gloomy, Jay Z recites accordingly to create the tension of the burning desire to change his world. “When I first saw stars, television was my telescope,” he recites, “My vision was big enough to get out of the space. I wanted to pass how far I see. I wondered if a kid from Mars see a kid from Marcy.” The image then changes to reveal an open sketchbook with rhymes and notes scribbled on it as he changes his tone to urge struggling people to rise up and make the change they want in life. “You are whatever you say you are. Turn any situation around,” he says,   urging people to accept who they are and embrace the journey of transformation.

Jay Z’s inspirational poem is a preparation for the approaching Made in America Festival in Philadelphia. Other performers expected to headline the event alongside the “Brooklyn’s Finest” rapper are J. Cole and Solange making it to be a promising memorable event that you should mark on your calendar. The event will also feature other superstars and is slated for 2nd & 3rd September.


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