Lachi Talks Working With Styles P and Wanting Her Music to Be Heard on a Marvel Soundtrack [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

The Urban Twist caught up with EDM powerhouse Lachi to discuss her career, working with big name rappers like Styles P and Snoop Dogg and why she's hoping her music makes it to the soundtrack of one of Marvel's hit TV series.

Lachi is springing into the music scene with a voice of a powerhouse and some stellar collabs under her belt. Most recently, she teamed up with Styles P in her track “Living a Lie,” which premiered exclusively on The Urban Twist in late August.

The Urban Twist caught up with the young EDM star to discuss her career, working with big name rappers like Styles P and Snoop Dogg and why she’s hoping her music makes it to the soundtrack of one of Marvel’s hit TV series.

Check it out below.

When did you decide to become a singer?
My earliest memories are of me playing and singing made-up songs on a toy keyboard at four years-old. Though I sang in choirs and groups growing up, I realized I wanted to perform full time while in college. I would play the dorm piano and sing made up songs and covers on Saturday nights, and each time a crowd would from. When people started requesting my original songs more than the covers…well, that was all she wrote.

How did you get into electronic dance music? What made you decide to bridge your songs with hip-hop?
I dove pretty deep into the dubstep craze of the mid 2000s which gave me a true appreciation for ‘the drop.’ I was also drawn to the cross-over marriages between pop, EDM and hip hop that’s been seeping in since 2010. When I started to really focus on collaborating with other producers and DJs, fusing my more pop-centric style with their EDM and hip-hop tracks was beautifully inevitable.

How did you come up with the concept for “Living a Lie”?
I sketched the song a while back, after I peered too deep into someone I held in high-esteem and was left wanting. The experience made me stop and reflect. If others look inside me, will they be left wanting, and what truly defines me when no one is looking?

How did you connect with Styles P? How was it like to work with him?
We connected through a mutual colleague and freelancer for Ruff Riders, Kayte Taylor. Styles was super professional and our teams worked very well together.

It seems taboo to talk about mental health, especially in the black community. Do you have any thoughts on Styles P and his recent talks about late daughter?
Many African-American/African families are forced to confront mental illness head-on in one way or another, mine included. Therefore, the black community is becoming more vocal about such taboo issues, which is very much a good thing. I definitely commend Styles P for speaking up on mental health, Jay Z for speaking up on homosexual parenting, and singers like SZA and Tinashe for speaking up on body image and insecurities.

How was it like working with Snoop Dogg and Gary Nesta Pine?
Again, both situations were very smooth, very professional. Once you’re at such caliber, I believe professionalism is second nature, regardless of the size of your bong collection! I actually got a chance to perform with Nesta Pine at a CMJ event last year. Truly an amazing experience!

Who do you want to work with next?
My current infatuation is Jax Jones, while my all time obsessions are Sia and Guetta.

What show would you love to have your song featured on?

I’ve recently been binging a ton of Marvel, so I’d love to accompany pretty much anything in the franchise. In fact, I discovered my newfound fave Jidenna on Luke Cage.

What do you hope fans get from your music?
I’m hoping it will make your temples feel a little better when you’re under the weather, make you say, ‘ah, whatever; it’s all good’ when you’re feeling some-type-of-way, make you feel like closing that app and calling a friend just to say ‘hi’, while making you bob your head and hum the hook without noticing.

What can we expect next? (album, tour, etc)
I’m already back in the studio. I’m teamed up with Big Management and we’re working on a ton of projects. A lot of collabs, features and co-writes in the works, some real dope tracks. Definitely looking forward to sharing some of these real soon.

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