Styles P Raps About ‘Living a Lie’ in Pop Singer Lachi’s EDM Song [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Lachi Styles P
EDM singer Lachi enlists Styles P for 'Living a Lie' single.

Styles P is no stranger to the lessons of living your life in truth. The LOX frontman recently shared personal details about himself on The Breakfast Club when he spoke about the tragic suicide of his daughter, Tai.

“As much as you think that they’re telling you everything, you don’t know everything,” he said on the show. “Some things you can’t see because people won’t tell you,” he later continued. “We all deal with depression on some sort of level, but with suicide it’s often like [assumed] the person’s depressed.”


But it’s nearly impossible to know the truth of anyone’s mind. With that said, it’s no wonder the LOX rhymer hopped on New York-based pop singer Lachi’s track, “Living a Lie” that explores the idea of being true to yourself and your emotions.

It’s nothing new for hip-hop to cross with other genres. From Run DMC and Aerosmith’s “Rock This Way and JAY-Z and Linkin Park’s “Numb/Encore” we’ve seen the genre clash with rock. Then in 2012, the genre fused with country for Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” featuring Nelly. Now, Lachi is working to create a hit song with her EDM track.

“I’ve always loved that bold marriage of EDM and Hip-Hop that’s been coming through,” she said in a e-mail response. “So co-producing this record with Nrec has hands-down been the highlight of my summer. The song is about self-reflection. Just sitting down for a second and separating oneself from ‘the act.”

As for the LOX frontman hopping on the track, Lachi says that it was “definitely a pleasure” and that the “verse was on point.”


Listen to the exclusive premiere of Lachi’s “Living a Lie” featuring Styles P below.

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