What Your Taste in Jewelry Says About You

You can learn a lot about a person from what they wear on their body. Yes, clothes have a lot to say about personal style, but it's the small details that tell a bigger story.

You can learn a lot about a person from what they wear on their body. Yes, clothes have a lot to say about personal style, but it’s the small details that tell a bigger story. What an individual chooses to wear on his or her body tells a lot about their passions, living style, and virtues.

While today’s jewelry trends and styles vary greatly from person to person, some things are here to stay. Do you know what statement you’re putting out into the world with your rings, necklaces, and more? Keep reading to discover just what your taste in jewelry says about your personality.

Classic Stones

Are you one to wear your favorite gems on your fingers? Then you might be an ambitious person. This doesn’t matter if you wear simple stones or extravagant decked-out diamonds, you’re in the big leagues. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?

Congrats, you’re in the same camp as greats like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe who both loved their classic stones. No matter how much you spend on your favorite jewelry, know that your style will shine through.

Strengths: Ambitious, selfless, and loyal

Weaknesses: High-maintenance and outspoken


Are you more likely to wear simple, elegant pieces? These usually take the form of small metal rings or timeless leather watches. If your favorite wardrobe essential is your IWC watch, you’re probably an understated jewelry wearer. This puts you in line with celebs like Jackie Kennedy, Reese Witherspoon, and more who favor simple, classic jewelry pieces.

If you’re likely to opt for understated style instead of flashy, you’re more restrained in your choices. You’re loyal to those you love, and you sometimes struggle to step outside of your comfort zone. Understated wearers are strong and ready for anything.

Strengths: Confidence, strong-willed, and loyal

Weaknesses: Overly-modest and stubborn


Are you always seen with flashy, over-the-top costume jewelry? A lot of this type of style has been seen on Instagram and other fashion blogs today, so it’s clearly having a moment in today’s trends. If you like to make a statement on a budget, you’re known to avoid pretense. You like to be your own person, and you don’t mind marching to your own drum.

Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry, and Heidi Klum are all celebs who love to wear costume jewelry. Their bold style speaks for itself, and so do you. You’re never afraid of trying new things, and you love to wear your heart on your sleeve. Just make sure you act too quickly with your style.

Strengths: Humility, courageous, and individual

Weaknesses: Over-the-top and quick to act


You don’t care about the styles, you’re going to wear what suits you best at the moment. Things like body chains, chokers, and ear cuffs are more your thing. You’re not afraid to let your creativity take over, and that’s how you’d like your style to be remembered.

If alternative jewelry is more your thing, you’re like Beyonce and Audrey Hepburn. Beyonce is known to rock whatever she’s feeling at the moment, and Audrey Hepburn isn’t afraid to wear a tiara if it suits her. You’re a creative powerhouse, and that’s why you don’t limit yourself to the trends of the moment. Anything can be an accessory if you try hard enough.

Strengths: Creative, flexible, and independent

Weaknesses: Stubborn and extravagant

Which style speaks the most to your character? Now that you know what your jewelry says about you, you’re better equipped to choose something purposefully. The greats of fashion today and in the past, all had something to say with what they wore, and you do too. What message is your jewelry sending?

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