Listen to Gideon King & City Blog’s ‘Upscale Madhouse’ for Halloween

Gideon King & City Blog
Upscale Madhouse album cover. (Image: Courtesy of Gideon King & City Blog)

Halloween is only a few days away and Gideon King & City Blog are giving all the horror vibes for the holiday with their album, Upscale Madhouse.

The group, which hails from New York City, provide smooth vocals and steady vibey music with spooky themes. For example, “Straight to Hell” starts off with eerie sounds but soon heads off into a smooth jazz-y feel.


“Call me a taxi because I’m going straight to hell,” sings the lead.

Check out their full album on Spotify and add them to all your Halloween playlists.

Victoria Johnson
Freelance writer.

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