Top 4 Tips for Buying Art as a Gift

Are you looking to buy someone art as a gift?

Are you looking to buy someone art as a gift?

Artwork is an excellent gift idea. First of all, it’s a rather unique gift. While most people stick to giving clothes and jewelry, art is a bit more outside of the box. And, choosing out a piece of artwork takes a lot of thought. This shows the person who you’re giving it to that you really care about them.

But choosing the perfect piece of art for someone else can definitely be tough. There are endless options out there. And, while you can figure out a person’s tastes when it comes to clothing and food pretty easily, someone’s taste in art is something that is a bit more difficult to pinpoint.

So, how do you choose the perfect piece of art for someone else?

Read on to learn the top 4 tips for buying art as a gift.

1. Think of the Person’s Interest

First things first, you want to keep the person’s interests in mind. Think of the things that the person you’re buying for enjoys – whether that’s an activity, a place, or an idea.

Then try to find a piece of artwork that exemplifies that specific thing. For example, let’s say the recipient loves spending time outdoors. A painting in nature can make an excellent gift.

Or let’s say the recipient has a specific country they love to visit. A painting of a significant landmark in that country can make a great gift.

If you like the idea of getting a painting that caters to someone’s interests, but are having trouble finding one, you can use a service like portrait painting from Instapainting that takes a photo and converts it into a painting.

2. Buy for Their Taste, Not Yours

When buying art as a gift, a lot of people make the mistake of buying for their taste, rather than for the taste of the recipient.

Even if their particular style isn’t something you’re into, suck it up and try to find them a piece of art that suits them.

Even if you have great taste in art, if your taste doesn’t match your recipient’s, then the gift doesn’t mean anything.

3. Keep It Small

We’ve all heard the saying “great things come in small packages”. Well, this saying definitely holds true when it comes to purchasing art.

Many people think the bigger the piece of the art is, the better. However, if the recipient’s home is already decorated, it can be very difficult to find a place for a large piece of art.

A smaller piece of art is much easier to work with – the recipient can place it on their bookshelf, hang it near their bedside, or even add it to a cluster of other art pieces in their home.

4. Consider Their Home’s Style

Of course, you also can’t forget to consider the style of the recipient’s home. Is their home vintage, modern, eclectic, monochrome, rustic, or minimalistic?

Whatever their decor style is, you’ll want to try to stick to it as closely as possible when choosing artwork.

If their home doesn’t have a specific style that you can pinpoint, try to choose a piece of art that is based on the color palette of their home. However, also keep in mind that some people choose to redecorate their homes frequently.

If the person you’re buying for redecorates often, try to choose a piece of art that can go with a number of decor styles. In this case, it’s also a good idea to buy a painting that is in neutral colors, so it can go with any decor style.

Now that you know the top tips for buying art as a gift, it’s time to start shopping! Comment below if you have questions.

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