Best Historic Homes and Florida Cities

Like many other places around the world, some Florida cities have history

Like many other places around the world, some Florida cities have history that’s full of culture, heritage, and unique homes that remind us of the character Real Estate used to have, and advancements that make todays homes possible. It’s true that the sunshine state has many beautiful new home communities being built in just about every city. However, only a few select places have historic homes and neighborhoods that are protected by laws, and will never be demolished, or changed. You can notice them easily by the types of properties that comprise the community like, old Victorian, midcentury modern, Georgian colonial, and Dutch colonial styled homes.

Let’s investigate the Florida cities with the most impressive historic homes, and Real Estate.

Sewall’s Point in Stuart Florida

This Florida city is located just North of Jupiter, and nestled against the St Lucie River, and the Atlantic Ocean. Initially founded by pioneer Henry Sewall in 1889, he settled the areas and gave life to this otherwise rural territory. Over the years Sewall’s Point, and Treasure Coast Real Estate expansion has increased exponentially, as more people move here to enjoy the sunshine state.

The surrounding cities like Stuart, Palm City, Port St Lucie and Hutchinson Island have brand new homes and communities being built by the dozens. While Sewall’s Point remains a protected sanctuary, with no new construction allowed without the proper permits, mostly for interior renovations. The look and feel of each home’s exterior must meet strict historical standards, for originality and even the building materials used.

Since 1970 Sewall’s Point has steadily grown into one of the area’s most exclusive residential communities with Realm Estate priced in the millions.

Morningside in Miami Florida

Again, one of the most historic cities in Miami, and indeed the world, is Morningside, which is full of character and old-world charm. The architectural design of the buildings is protected and regulated by Miami. The natural beauty is amazing and must be properly maintained under the historic guideline set forth. The homes for sale in Morningside, Miami are significantly more expensive then neighboring towns and cater to an exclusive buyer.

You can expect to see mansions in Morningside that appear to be transported from history and set into the middle of modern Miami. People from around the globe come to visit this historic city and get a glimpse of what the first days in the area looked like during the time of discovery in the 1800’s.

The Real Estate values in Morningside are very high because it’s a well-known destination and the homes are literally one-of-a-kind properties you can’t find anywhere else in the world. It’s nothing for a home to be priced at several million dollars and believe it or not they sell quickly but are rarely offered for sale.

The Florida Keys

Once you drive past Miami heading South you quickly realize your not in Kansas anymore. Known as a fisherman’s paradise, the Florida Keys has an ecosystem all its own. This becomes apparent when you look to either side of the two-lane highway into the keys and notice saltwater as far as the eye can see. That’s because the entire keys jets off the south end of Florida’s peninsula and is basically islands connected by man-made bridges. You will also notice that homes in the Keys are different and appear to be much older than in other places. That’s true because this area wasn’t explored until the late 1800’s and the pioneers who first landed here, built their towns by hand. The architectural designs unique to the keys and each building reflects the “salt water lifestyle” that resonates throughout the keys.

The Real Estate was originally built to provide easy access to the ocean, which is why almost every home has breathtaking, unobstructed views of the water. Old-time settlers needed to launch their fishing boats each day and get out to the best reefs, for the days catch.

Now, when people by properties in the keys they can still enjoy the easy ocean access, and waterfront activities at the door-step.

For the most part Florida Keys property values are high, and you can expect to find small, single-family homes for sale from the $600’s on up to $million or more for choice homes and locations.


No matter what type of historic homes you want to see, or own, Florida has you covered. There are many choices available, in different cities that provide an array of architectural design choices and locations that can’t be beat. You may want to visit these areas first and see which one feels like home. The best part of these historical cities and homes is that they will be around, and protected, for years to come. Moreover, people that invest in historic Real Estate become a natural part of history preserved for future generations to learn from and appreciate.

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