​Commercial Solar Panels Pick Up Steam

​From big brands to sports arenas & businesses, solar power is helping businesses control their energy costs & improve their bottom line.

​From big brands to sports arenas & businesses, solar power is helping businesses control their energy costs & improve their bottom line.

Solar energy is being used on a larger scale than most people realize. From iconic brands such as Apple, Google and Target, to sports venues in your hometown and small businesses in your own backyard, solar power is helping organizations take control of their energy costs and improve their bottom line.

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular for business because it is both affordable and efficient. Utility bills can be a significant portion of an organization’s operating costs. Solar panels help companies lower their operating expenses, improve their bottom line, and let them put more resources into their core business strategies.

Solar Power for Businesses

When the subject of commercial solar power comes up, most people think of major corporations who may have the resources to invest in solar power. But, many small to medium businesses are also investing in solar power. For this reason, POWERHOME Solar, a solar company that operates in Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North and South Carolina, is expanding further into commercial solar. Businesses that take steps to reduce their power bills will see higher profitability, as well as a cleaner, greener environment for all.

Solar Power for Sports Stadiums

The roofs of businesses and homes aren’t the only places you can find solar panels these days. An increasing number of professional sports facilities are installing solar panels not only to help the environment but also alleviate some of their operating costs. This trend has spread throughout professional sports, with teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB and more installing commercial solar panels on their facilities.

An increasing number of professional sports teams use solar energy to save money on electric bills, according to POWERHOME Solar. The business has partnered with NFL teams including the Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and has installed solar panels for the Panthers, Browns and Lions. This is just more evidence that solar power is more than a trend, and that its use isn’t slowing any time soon.

Solar Power for Agriculture

The use of solar power in agriculture is also increasing at what seems like breakneck speed. Just as it would in any other business, solar power can lower expenses and the carbon footprint for an agriculture business. In many cases, grants and government financing is available to help reduce installation costs.

Barns and other buildings can be retrofitted to capture natural daylight, instead of using electric lights. It saves money, increases self-reliance and reduces pollution. Solar power can lower a farm’s electricity and heating bills when used to dry crops and warm homes, livestock buildings and greenhouses. Solar panels also can power lights, electric fences and other farm operations.

Solar Power for Schools

Approximately 5,500 schools in the U.S. are using solar power. The main reason for this surge is the economic benefits of using solar power. This goes for private and public schools alike. By saving on their energy bills, schools have more money to spend on educational programs. As in many other sectors, the dramatic drop in the cost of installing solar panels combined with new financing options has made switching to solar an attractive option. Companies such as POWERHOME work with local and state programs to help businesses and schools finance their solar panel systems by working with credit unions and local banks.

This shift toward solar energy is a win-win for all involved. Businesses, schools, and professional sports teams can continue to thrive in an era of tight budgets while also achieving energy independence.

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