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Innovation Station Music's owner Dave Mallen

The recording studio: A boisterous domain jam-packed with state of the art equipment to produce the best vocal, musical and instrumental content possible. Although there are many in the world, there aren’t many where entertainers can acquire more than the basics. Do studios that also provide expert guidance in a supportive environment even exist? Most would call a studio like this a dream, but we call it Innovation Station Music.

Located in the DC Metro area, Innovation Station Music is a home studio owned by producer/engineer Dave Mallen. Innovation Station Music combines all of the comforts of a home-based environment, with all the benefits of a world-class studio. Additionally, its a safe space where musicians and other entertainers feel comfortable enough to freely develop their ideas and reach their full potential. Additionally, Mallen works with clients to establish musical and business goals in the pre-production phase. Projects typically conclude with the creation of a Strategic Music Business Plan, which serves as a detailed road map for success.


“Innovation Station Music was built to foster collaboration and a sense of community,” Mallen states. “We place an emphasis on personal attention and care deeply for each of our clients inside and outside of the studio. It’s probably the reason so many of our clients become great friends.”

Mallen’s dream began in a small townhouse bedroom in 2006. After migrating to the basement later, Mallen rebooted his studio business in a new home in Annandale, Virginia. In 2017, with the help of studio architect Wes Lachot, Mallen opened his new and current facility. This current facility, offers five fully equipped and soundproof rooms. “It took over a year of painstaking design and another year to build, not to mention a whole lot of perseverance and fortitude, Mallen says, but then, nothing worthwhile ever comes easily”. “Today, I’m proud to say we have the most state-of-the-art studio in the area, and clients simply love the vibe.”

On the outside of the studio, Mallen’s efforts continued, as he co-founded the Metro Music Source in 2009. A pro-bono effort aimed at supporting the DC area music community, Metro Music provides both local musicians and industry professionals with opportunities to network, learn and collaborate.

For more information about Dave Mallen and Innovation Station Music, visit the studio’s website at www.innovationstationmusic.com



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