‘Mastermind’ who ordered Hit on David Ortiz in Custody

It has been reported that the “mastermind” behind the attack is now in custody. Víctor Hugo Gómez is accused of masterminding the plot.

Some good news for once out of the Dominican Republic. Its been nearly a month since Boston Red SoxDavid “Big Papi” Ortiz was wounded in a shooting on the island. Ortiz was not the intended target, as many speculate that it was Sixto David Fernandez. Associated Press has reported that the “mastermind” behind the attack is now in custody.

The accused, Víctor Hugo Gómez, has accused his cousin, Sixto David Fernández of masterminding the plot. The shooter, Rolfi Ferreira Cruz, confessed to the attempt on Ortiz at the Dial Bar and Lounge. Gomez put out a video on YouTube stating, “I would never do something like this. I want to clarify that I have nothing to do with any attempt.

In this twisted plot, authorities say that they suspect Gomez for ordering the hit because he believed that Fernandez gave him up in an investigation back in 2011.

Many citizens of the Dominican Republic are skeptical as to what the authorities are putting out to the press regarding the investigation.

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