6 Forgettable Daytime Talk Shows

Television during the day can be both entertaining and draining by how good and bad they are. Why didn't these lasts?

For the average individual with a daytime job, it’s almost a shock that there would be compelling and entertaining shows being broadcast while you tap away at those keys. It usually takes a sick/”I don’t want to come into work” day to witness people talking about topics ranging from health to “My mom is having sex with my gay boyfriend” plastered below the screen as two human beings fight to the DEATH! There are classic moments from the stage of Jerry Springer to the baby momma race track Maury calls a stage, but I dare you to remember any of these shows that also tried their hand at the Daytime game. They came and went and the world continued to find their trash content elsewhere. Here is the top 6 talk shows that you forgot, or want to forget was on the air.

6. The Greg Behrendt Show

What killed this show? Maybe it was the bad comedic timing and skits about “Waffles“. Maybe it was the blonde spiky hair that made the comic/host look like the lead singer of “what’s that ’90s rock group” giving out his version of life problem-solving advice. Either way, Greg and his not so funny comedy friend/producer are gone.

5. Harry

Well, that didn’t last long. Harry Connick Jr‘s show was handed to the talented musician for some reason other than his music career. Obviously, that other reason was never strong enough to hang the longevity of the show on.

4. The Preachers

Not the first and certainly not the last experiment the FOX will attempt. The Preachers was a great concept, being that men and women of the cloth have been counselors to mankind for centuries. Putting it on secular TV was a very iffy move, with criticism coming from both the church and the world. It was unlike anything on daytime, giving a spiritual spin to morning television. Yet, it was doomed to only last for a season, BUT GOD!……….God wanted them to stick to their first jobs.

3. The Queen Latifah Show

I remember rooting for this show, but even the almighty Queen herself could not save this show. There was an episode where she brought DMX to talk to troubled teens, and one of them mouthed off while he was giving advice. The look on Dark Man X’s face as he tried to keep his composure screamed death to that poor white child and the eventual death of the show due to falling ratings. It was revamped, then canceled again for the same reason. Long live the Queen.

2. The Wayne Brady Show

“They canceled my show, and shit went CRAZY!” quoted the singer on that famous episode of Chappelle Show. Mr. Wayne Brady-Bitch has had success since the end of the show, having many game show gigs and guest star appearances. Most notably, being RKO’d by Randy Orton in a WWE ring.

1. The Chew

Won two Emmys. Somebody got groped allegedly. Rating fell. Recipe for disaster. Bon Appetite.

Can you list anymore? Leave a comment below with any we may have missed.

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