Tropical Sounds: Robert Ranson’s “Jamerican”

Imagine a life filled with chaos, disorder, and a never ending workload. Now imagine escaping the madness to…
“Jamerican” by Robert Ranson

Imagine a life filled with chaos, disorder, and a never ending workload. Now imagine escaping the madness to a place with skies dressed in immaculate hues of blue, illustrious white sands, and gentle breezes paired with the perfect hint of humidity. Besides the perfect swimsuit, sunscreen and sunglasses, there is something else needed for relaxing under those vibrant palm trees. What is it? The perfect playlist.

The possibilities are endless as far as which tunes compliment celestial scenery, yet one comes to mind, Robert Ranson’sJamerican”. Taken from his new album, Still Dreaming,“Jamerican”, captures all the sounds that define the feeling of cruising through a Caribbean paradise. Inspired by Ranson’s love of Jamaica, the island grooves fused with upbeat lyrics, make Still Dreaming the perfect emulation of that pure, distinctive island vibe. Jamaica holds a special place in Ranson’s heart on the account that he and his friends have repeatedly visited the island over the years.

“Jamaica has always given me the instincts and inspiration needed to create and compose. I’m 60 now, an age that finds many musicians worrying that they’re long past their prime. However I’m just now feeling like I’m hitting my stride.”

Becoming interested in music at the tender age of two, Ranson began playing guitar by age 12, and was soon performing at various events including high school dances and college gatherings. Throughout the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, Ranson honed his craft as a member of various local cover bands before forming his own band, the Aimless Drifters. Still Dreaming was co-produced by Ranson himself and Jody Boyd. A mesh of reggae, rock, blues, jazz, Afro-Cuban and country, the album has something for everyone.

“It’s my wish that it will give others the inspiration needed to find the thing that makes them most happy,” Ranson says of the song. “I wanted to create a sensual soundscape that could summon up a sense of serenity, promise and purpose for anyone who hears it.”

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