5 Ways Franchise Restaurants Can Boost Sales with Self Service Kiosk Software

Franchise restaurants that don’t take advantage of technological advances in the space will soon be eclipsed by those that do.

Kiosk systems have become ubiquitous in airports and banks, but only recently have they begun to be used in quick-service and franchise restaurants. Shake Shack, Panera, and McDonald’s are just a few of the large brands that have introduced kiosk technology with varying degrees of success. Despite some faux pas in the rollout, these brands and other franchise restaurants have realized the benefits of self-service kiosks and have incorporated them into their long-term strategy.

There are many cutting-edge companies that offer self-ordering platforms from iOS compatible kiosk software to complex kiosks hardware systems. Franchise restaurants that don’t take advantage of these technological advances in the space will soon be eclipsed by those that do. The ability to grow traffic and increase average check size make kiosk technology especially attractive to franchise restaurants. Here’s why:

Shorten Ordering Times

The traditional ordering process can lead to longer total service time. Self-serve kiosks can make navigating the menu easier and faster. In addition, customers are often put off by long lines. Even five people in line can send 57 percent of customers to a competitor. By making the ordering process faster, shorter lines will attract and keep more customers.

Increased Order Accuracy

In a Consumer Reports survey, 62% of responders listed getting a meal that was not what was ordered as one of their main complaints. While some percentage of order errors may be inevitable, self-ordering kiosk technology puts the customer in the driver’s seat. And when they can review their order prior to submitting, accuracy of ordering increases.

Menu Changes in Real-Time

When your menu is digital, you can change it at any time. This includes updating the availability of individual menu items and updating prices when necessary. A printed menu or even a static menu board cannot be updated so quickly, causing a diminished customer experience, and even loss of revenue on some products.

Check Increases with Programmed Upselling

The key to real profitability is not just taking food orders, but upselling items and add-ons to go with what the customer is planning to order. Digital kiosks can be programmed to offer upsell messages at the times when they will be the most effective, based on customer purchase behavior. Self-ordering kiosks can increase the average check amount by 15-20%.

Data Insights

While it may seem intuitive to offer bacon to the burger customer, what if your data suggests that the likelihood that customers would purchase a milkshake if offered is higher? By gleaning insights from your data, you can manage the information your customer receives and increase the likelihood of upselling more profitable items. In addition, the customers ordering experience can be personalized, enhancing their experience, and increasing brand loyalty.

With competition in the franchise restaurant space getting increasingly competitive, the ability to enhance customer experience through convenience and customization is paramount. Self-service kiosks can reduce waiting time and improve order accuracy, while also increasing check amounts and overall efficiency.

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