Romance for the Soul: Love Station’s “All About Love”


What is a love story? A love story depicts a mystical adventure which occurs between two people who fall for eachother and eventually build a life together. Lilacs, roses, rainbows, and blue skies are just a few things that come to mind when two are intertwined in the currents of euphoric bliss. Despite this, no blossoming romance is complete without the perfect soundtrack. Who could create such sweet sounds? None other than Washington D.C’s own, Love Station.

Led by Samuel Taybron, Love Station first performed in 1976 on the campus of Shaw University in Raleigh , NC. After moving to Washington D.C. In 1981 to pursue music professionally, the Soul/R&B band persevered through a series highs and lows before recording their first album in 2014 called Curtains For The King of Love. Since then, Love Station has traveled throughout the United States performing at a plethora of venues before hitting the studio once again to craft their newest release, All About Love . From the romantic rhythms of the album’s title track and “Better Love” to the melodic sonance of “Love So Much” and Let’s Fall In Love”, All About Love sets the perfect tone for any amorous ambiance. Whether its falling in love, longing for love, or lost love, no one tells a love story like the Love Station.


What’s next for Love Station? Keep up with the band on the website at https://www.thelovestation.biz/. In the meantime,adapt to the band’s motto, and tune into the Love Station, when you’re in the mood for love.

Ashly E. Smith
Ashly E. Smith is an author, poet, columnist, and freelance writer from Baltimore, Maryland. With her strong pop culture and entertainment backgrounds, Ashly strives to create articles that inspire as well as entertain.

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