New Single Alert: LUMiN’s “The Worst Thing”

“You are the worst thing that’s happened to me / And I thank you for taking the place…

“You are the worst thing that’s happened to me / And I thank you for taking the place that I was saving for me”

Explosively kicking off the new decade is non other than Los Angeles based artist LUMiN with his brand new single,“The Worst Thing”

Have you ever met someone who made you feel trapped? If so, this song is for you. With somber, yet bold and self-reflective lyrics, LUMiN melodically leads us through the re-entry of someone into his life who quickly became the worst thing for him. Prior to this, LUMiN considered himself to be his own worst enemy, however meeting his actual worst enemy quickly restored his faith within himself. The journey depicts his transition from self-hate and thinking that he himself is unhealthy, to then realizing that maybe the antagonist is actually the unhealthy one.

Making the mature decision to prioritize his mental health, LUMiN eventually leaves this bad situation fully knowing that there are better days ahead. After having his music showcased on LA’s KCRW and Kiss FM, LUMiN has also headlined shows at LA’s Viper Room, the Satellite, & the Peppermint Club among others. With its funky; yet fresh upbeat tempo, “The Worst Thing” was co-produced by Blake Healy, and introduces a fun way to smile through pain and keep moving forward. What’s next for LUMiN? Keep up with him on his social media outlets below:




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