How to Download Everything Instagram Knows About You

TUT Staff

Most of the social media services, including Instagram, keep a thorough history of your activities, whereas the greater part of the data is used to boost the experience of Instagram. It might be uncomfortable for you to know that the company has some personal data from you. To decrease all these concerns, Instagram offers its users to download all the data copy that points to log on its servers. These downloaded files often get used sometimes that contain your comments and photos to travel to a new site of social media.

The Instagram archive does not contain any sort of data about ads that you have viewed or interacted with. Or else what sort of ad topics Instagram thinks you are concerned about. However, Facebook must have the data somewhere, but it is not included in the file you have downloaded.


How Would You Manage to Download Data?

Web Browser

Downloading data through the web browser is not difficult. By following the steps given below, you can easily download all the data from Instagram.

  • Go to and log in.
  • If provoked to download the app, skip for now and click Not Now.
  • Press the Profile button, given by a head and torso, located in the top right corner of the page.
  • Press the gear icon that appears on the right next to your profile name.
  • Now, you will see a pop-up menu, covering the main interface of Instagram. Choose the Privacy and Security option.
  • Now the privacy and security settings of your account will be shown. Scroll down to find the Data Download portion and hit the Request Download link.  
  • Add the email address where you want to receive a download link and click Next.
  • Now, you may be asked to enter your Instagram password. Enter your password and click the Request Download button.

Also note that it may need up to 48 hours to get the link that will let you download Instagram videos, photos and all the other data including comments, contacts, search history, messages, likes, profile details and other information.

Android or iOS App

  • Go to the Instagram official page and log in if needed.
  • Click the Profile icon, placed in the bottom right side of the page and shown by a head and trunk.
  • Choose the gear icon, placed next to the Edit Profile button.
  • Now, Options interface of Instagram should have appeared. Scroll down and choose the Data Download option, placed in the Privacy and Security section.  

Also note that it may need up to 48 hours to get the link that will let you download all the data including comments, photos, search history, profile details, contacts, likes, messages, and other information.

What Should You Do When Your Data is Ready to Download

Once the download is ready, you may get an email notice that consists of a compressed ZIP archive with all photos connected with your accounts, as well as JSON-formatted files, consists of data types. All these files can be seen with a text editor as Notepad.


Restricting the Data Amount Instagram Holds

If you keep on following the steps given above, you can simply download all the data set. You will also get a considerable amount of data together with other information. Even though nothing has openly presented either with your uploads, settings, comments or other actions whilst using the service.  

See Also

To bound the data amount that Instagram has about you is the only way. You can share fewer data to connect with other people. Everything you post on Instagram gets saved and even if a little bit of data is deleted from the user-facing part of Instagram. It is not an assurance that it will be deleted from the data set linked with your profile.  

How Would You Delete Data from Instagram?

For security reasons or any other reasons, if you don’t want to keep your data save on Instagram, you are free to delete it. According to the FAQs of Instagram, it is confirmed that your data is deleted in reality. For this, you need to delete your entire account completely. However, if you don’t want to delete the account permanently, you can even disable the account for a short time.

  • Have a look at how you would be able to do it:
  • Go to the “delete your account page” on Instagram.
  • Choose a reason for why you are going to delete the account.
  • Choose “Permanently delete my account.”

All set! Now, enjoy being free of any security or privacy concerns related to your Instagram data as it is deleted permanently. Now you have learned how to download a copy of all the data of Instagram.