Andrew & Chris Cuomo Troll Each Other In Hilarious New Interview

Just when you’re called one of the “most desirable” men in New York, leave it to your little brother to bring you back down to Earth.

One of the bright spots about the coronavirus outbreak has been the consistent back-and-forth between brothers Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo.

The two have given viewers many laughs over the last few months as they troll each other as only siblings can—and their latest on-air interview may be their funniest yet.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo, his younger brother and CNN host, have been regularly providing Americans updates about the coronavirus outbreak in New York, which is the epicenter of the disease here in the U.S. However, with those updates there has been a hilarious stretch of trolling between the two that viewers can’t get enough of.

In the most recent interview on CNN where Chris was asking Andrew about his newfound heightened profile, approval among citizens and shoutout from Ellen DeGeneres—the hilarious shade the brothers are known for was back front and center.

At one point, Chris threw out the instantly funny line “don’t speak Spanish on my show” in reference to Andrew saying that he’s been advised by people not to come on his little brother’s show because he’s constantly attacked and harassed by the “ad hominem attacks” that he receives.

Meanwhile, Chris shot back with “Too much fierce accountability? Can’t take it? Want a pat on the back, Love Gov?”

Andrew let him fire off his series of questions before calmly clapping back, saying “Nothing about me has changed. I haven’t been in the basement. I haven’t had my wife shear my hair out of resentment. None of that has happened to me–I’m just doing my job, which is what I’ve always done.”

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