Here’s How the Internet has transformed the Gaming Industry

Technological advancements have led to many transformations in the manufacturing, retail, entertainment, and gaming sectors.

Technological advancements have led to many transformations in the manufacturing, retail, entertainment, and gaming sectors. When we talk about the gaming industry, we have to admit that it has gone through many phases during the past few decades. The pivotal role in transforming the gaming industry has been largely due to the internet. Gamers can connect with other gamers across the globe and invite anyone to play and compete. 

From buying CDs and gaming cartridges to buying directly from the marketplace of the respective gaming franchise, millennials have seen a huge transformation over the years due to the internet.

In the present era, Dota, Counter-Strike, PubG, and Call of Duty are some of the popular online games. The games come with high-resolution display and stunning graphics as compared to the games in the past that were pixelated. Moreover, without needing to sit in front of a gaming console like Atari, Sega, and Nintendo, gamers can play online provided high-speed internet on smartphones, tablets, and gaming laptops. 

The short overview has given a glimpse of how the gaming industry has changed over the years. Now let’s take a look at some of the ways the gaming industry has been affected due to the internet. Stay tuned. 

Mobile Gaming has gone Mainstream

We do not have to limit ourselves to a computer or television screen. Most of the devices such as smartphones and tablets offer easy access to the internet through Wi-Fi and mobile data, allowing gamers to play games whenever they want. 

In today’s era, a huge plethora of apps are dedicated to gamers to search for the desired games according to their genre. Mobile gaming through mobile data plans can help you play games while not having access to Wi-Fi. 

However, the mobile data plans can put a dent on your budget. If you are a hardcore gamer and spend most of the time gaming, try to play games over the Wi-Fi network. You can simply search for Mediacom, AT&T, Cox, or Spectrum internet deals to stay within budget and enjoy gaming at home. 

Social Aspects of Online Gaming 

The evolution of the internet has changed almost every industry including gaming. Over time, gaming graphics have become better and realistic. Moreover, the games are no longer restricted to a single person playing on gaming consoles. 

Multiplayer gaming has also increased multifold with the evolution of the internet. No matter where you live, you can take part in multiplayer gaming such as battle royal in PUBG or Fornite. In simple words, the gaming field has expanded to an infinite number. 

In addition to playing games online, gamers can also chat with others over gaming platforms. 

Micro-Transactions have become Part of Online Gaming 

Bingo halls and online casinos were the first ones to introduce the idea of micro-transactions. Players had to pay a certain amount of money to purchase credits and play. Some online casinos also offered premium passes to give advantage to the particular member. 

However, the concept of micro-transactions wasn’t limited to bingo halls and online casinos with the evolution of the internet. Realizing the success of these transactions, other franchises also developed innovative ways to facilitate gamers with perks only if they pay. 

For instance, the Fortnite franchise has used the concept of micro-transactions to offer gamers additional armor, costumes, and weapons. Such kind of rewards and additional perks facilitate to attract gamers to come back for more. 

Emergence of Communities 

Gamers are just like a family. They interact with each other to share the latest updates about games and feedback. However, gamer communities have proved to be a curse and a blessing for gaming franchises. For instance, gaming fans spread the word on social networks and other forums to make their community aware of the latest upcoming releases. 

However, in case the newly released game is not up to the standard, it would affect the franchises negatively through word of mouth spread by the community. In simple words, fans are a great source of marketing for the franchise as well as turning them off. With the evolution of the internet, the gamer community has grown far and beyond what one could imagine in the past. 

Summing Up 

The Internet has disrupted every industry including gaming. The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that will grow over time. In 2020, gamers are expected to spend $4.5 billion on gaming. Set your eyes on the gaming industry and see where it ends. 

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