Delta, Virgin Atlantic & American Airlines Among Those Who Will No Longer Serve Alcohol During Domestic Flights

In addition to that, many airlines will also be limiting drinks to water only.

Even though traveling right now seems like wishful thinking, but if ever someone has to flights, flying domestically (thanks to some airlines) would make drinking alcohol impossible now.

The global pandemic has taken a huge toll on airlines. In a widespread attempt to limit the contact between crew and passengers to ensure a safer journey for everyone involved, airlines like Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, and Delta have decided to suspend alcoholic drink service for all domestic flights.

In addition to that, many airlines will also be limiting drinks to water only. Being that passengers will be required to wear their face masks during the duration of the flight, taking away more options is an attempt to make sure passengers aren’t “lingering over their refreshments for no longer than necessary.”

The good news is, if you’re traveling internationally you’ll have the option to get your sip on if you choose. It seems the new regulation is only for domestic flights. However, be warned that airlines Easyjet and KLM are also participating in the new restriction.

We know that’s probably not the news, you want to hear, but it is our new reality. Alcoholic beverages isn’t the only change, click here for teat on food as well Roommates.

In this case, if you’re looking for a buzz while you’re in flight you may want to set your sights on international travel roommates. As of now, these are the only airlines to participate in the latest post COVID-19 travel, but definitely look to other airlines to adopt a similar restriction.

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