What Do We Know About Cannabis Topicals?

Many people across the country suffer from injuries and chronic pain. These can stem from sports injuries, workplace…
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Many people across the country suffer from injuries and chronic pain. These can stem from sports injuries, workplace injuries, medical conditions, auto accidents, and more. They can make it difficult to function well and perform daily activities. Cannabis topicals can be very effective for some in managing the symptoms of physical injuries like chronic pain. If you are looking for medical marijuana in Virginia to help relieve your symptoms, you need to get an MMJ card.

Medical Marijuana in Virginia

The state of Virginia is full of strivers and type-A individuals. People here do not work out solely for the sake of their midsection. In many cases, their sanity depends on it. Maintaining a weekly fitness goal, however, is not as easy as it sounds. Injuries and soreness do happen. It is a fact of life.

Recovery, therefore, is a huge deal. For many people, pain relief is all about cannabidiol, also called CBD. This is the non-psychoactive agent in marijuana, which has been having a moment over the past few years. It led to the appearance of sorts of beauty and wellness products, from cannabis capsules, edibles, patches, topicals, and more. Cannabis topicals, in particular, are not a passing health trend. They are very effective when it comes to pain relief.

The state does not have an official MMJ program like many other states in the country. If you are looking for medical marijuana in Virginia, there is a law in place that allows patients to use MD marijuana without fear of prosecution. As of July 2020, the state also decriminalized the possession of tiny amounts of the drug. Before this law, MMJ patients needed an Affirmative Defense Certificate.

Definition of CBD Topicals

These are cannabis-infused oils, balms, and lotions. Patients absorb them through their skin for localized relief of inflammation, soreness, and pain. Since they are non-intoxicating, many patients prefer using them for their therapeutic properties without the associated euphoria with other delivery methods.

Cannabis topicals are a promising treatment option for people living with addiction. If you are a medical cannabis patient struggling with drug addiction, CBD oils can help decrease your drug-seeking behaviors.

How Cannabis Topicals Work

These sprays, lotions, oils, and salves work by binding to CBD receptors found throughout your body. Naturally-occurring endocannabinoids in the body then activate these receptors. CBD and THC compounds can also activate the receptors. Even if the cannabis topical you use contains active THC, you will not experience the high you would get from ingesting or smoking cannabis.

With most cannabis topicals, cannabinoids cannot infiltrate into the bloodstream. They only penetrate deep enough to offer localized pain relief. In addition to providing relief from pain, inflammation, tension, and muscle soreness, topicals may also come with other potential benefits. These include relief from cramping, headaches, itching, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Today, you will find many methods of marijuana consumption. These methods are bringing patients away from the idea that cannabis belongs solely to a joint. You do not need to get high to enjoy pain relief from medical marijuana. Cannabis topicals are a new method of consumption that is changing perceptions of how people use the drug. The fact that they are effective, safe, and accessible encourages even the most unlikely people into the world of medical marijuana.

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