Masika Kalysha Claps Back At Commenters On Twitter After Sharing Her Mother’s Day Experience

Despite the fact that Fetty has many children, he has always been a part of Khari's life.

Nothing compares to a mother’s embrace. Mothers work tirelessly to care for their children. They work hard to make a way out of no way, whether it’s mentally, physically, or spiritually, and some of them do it alone. Yesterday was Mother’s Day, which is a day where people show their appreciation for the important mothers in their lives by allowing them to kick their feet up, relax, and feel appreciated. Unfortunately, Masika Kalysha, a former “Love and Hip Hop” star, was not one of them. She wrote in a tweet that she felt undervalued and unappreciated by the people in her life.

She also revealed in the tweet that this was her fifth Mother’s Day and that she hasn’t got a gift since 2018. Despite the fact that some sympathized with Masika, she took the time to reply to commenters who chastised her for choosing Fetty Wap as the father of her child Khari. “Choose your baby daddy wisely,” one person tweeted. Masika responded, “You bi***es really tickle me with this ignorant rhetoric. Other than artificial insemination or the virgin mother Mary, I ain’t met the b***h yet that laid down by herself to make a kid. Y’all never have the same negative energy for the man who impregnated the mom. Who hurt you?”Another commented, “You’re not owed a damn thing for a decision you made. You decided to become a mother to a child whose father has multiple baby mamas. You’re not special.” Masika clapped back, “I’m beyond special. So is every mother on the face of this planet that takes care of her kids. You’re special too… as in special ed. You slow bitches that watched ya momma’s suffer think that’s normal. So used to ya daddy’s not doing shit that you actually fault mothers. Sick.”

Despite the fact that Fetty has many children, he has always been a part of Khari’s life. He did attend her fifth birthday party in March, as we previously noted. Khari was beaming as he sang her his “Birthday” tune. Masika will hopefully have a better year next year. On their special day, both mothers deserve to be cherished and respected.

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