Chris Gabo breaks familiar stereotypes with his new single, “Hype Man”

What is a hype man? Generally, the role of a hype man is to get the audience “hype” before the headlining performer appears on stage. Ultimately, keeping the show’s momentum going is their top priority.  No one comprehends a hype man’s significance more than Tampa Florida’s own Chris Gabo. However, he chooses to put a different spin on things with his new aptly titled, infectious song “Hype Man”. 

Mixed by renowned producer Dakari, the song’s traditional meaning is tossed aside, as Gabo instead explores the irony of who we are as humans, versus who we need to be to survive. In other words, presenting ourselves one way to others, while withholding who we truly are.  This theory is perfectly expressed throughout the song’s catchy hook:

"Hype man, Hype man   
You ain't got no strikes man   
Trippin on yourself    
Trying to step into the light man"
 "Hype man, Hype man
Whatcha really like man?
You don't even know
So, f**k being polite man"

A man who wears many hats, Gabo’s talents far exceed his musical attributes. A Yale graduate, who holds an MFA in playwriting, Gabo’s storytelling prowess has been recognized by a plethora of notable organizations including the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference and the Sundance MENA Theatre Lab. A rising force in both film and television, Gabo has also written six episodes for the reboot of HBO’s In Treatment. Additionally, he has licensed music to Hulu’s Broad City; as well as the independent film Coldwater. He currently acts as the consulting producer for The Weeknd’s show The Idol.

In addition to collaborating with a multitude of artists including Lazerbeak, Cakes Da Killa, and DJ Trackstar, Gabo has also opened for DJ Rob Swift and Ana Tijoux.  With Gabo’s ever expanding track record, one can’t help but to eagerly anticipate what his future holds.  

Where will Chris Gabo sprinkle his magic next? Stay in the loop be visiting his social media platforms below.

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