Students Are Allegedly Cheating Using Apple’s New iOS 15 ‘Live Text’ Feature

Students have taken to social media to demonstrate how easy it is to cheat using Apple's 'Live Text,' according to reports.

You may recall that cheating used to entail peeking at someone else’s paper or scribbling information on your hands—well, according to Apple’s latest software update, cheating has been modernized. Students are allegedly utilizing Apple’s ‘Live Text‘ function on iOS 15 to cheat in class, according to reports and a few videos on TikTok. Apple just released iOS 15, which has the intriguing ‘Live Text’ feature—but the corporation presumably didn’t expect the new function to be utilized for classroom cheating.

Students have taken to social media to demonstrate how easy it is to cheat using Apple’s ‘Live Text,’ according to reports. Educators are on high alert. One video shows a student in class snapping a picture of a fellow student’s laptop screen with their iPhone, then copying and pasting that person’s work as their own. The information is currently being widely disseminated on social media. The next steps in the process show that it might be a serious problem in schools, which opponents want Apple to address. Simply point the camera at anything with text or numbers and press the shutter.

Then tap “Copy” and “Select All,” then touch and hold a word and move it to cover the text you want to copy. Finally, you copy and paste the data into your Notes app or wherever else you’d like to save it. Because foreign language text is easily translated, the ‘Live Text’ feature also works with it. Furthermore, the new function, which is only available in iOS 15, works with photographs previously stored on your iPhone or with photos taken directly from your camera. Apple has yet to reply publicly to the feature’s alleged usage in cheating.

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