The First Look At The Trailer For “Tiger King 2,” Which Will Be Released In November, Is Now Available On Netflix

The teaser for ‘Tiger King 2', on the other hand, suggests that Lewis may have been connected with “shady characters down in Costa Rica.”

Netflix released the massively successful documentary series ‘Tiger King‘ in April 2020 during the early days of quarantine—and while the film’s star Joe Exotic is currently behind bars, the sequel, ‘Tiger King 2’ is due to launch just in time for Thanksgiving on November 17th! According to Netflix and the film’s producers, ‘Tiger King 2’ contains so much more to the plot than audiences saw in the first season, which was a huge success. Season two appears to take a deeper look into Carole Baskin’s story around her late husband Don Lewis, who inexplicably vanished in 1997 and was pronounced legally dead in 2002, based on the first trailer.

Baskin’s followers and long-time adversary Joe Exotic have long suspected her of being guilty for her late husband’s disappearance. The teaser for ‘Tiger King 2′, on the other hand, suggests that Lewis may have been connected with “shady characters down in Costa Rica.” Joe Exotic is still in prison, but his presence is felt throughout the film, particularly when he says over the phone from a federal prison in Texas, “There’s an innocent man in there.” Everyone in the zoo is making money, and I’m paying the price for each and every one of them.

If you care, now is the time to speak up.” Joe Exotic speaks about his future in prison at the end of the trailer. “If we don’t put our differences aside, we’re all going to die in this place.” He said, “If I have to make a deal with the devil, I’ll make a deal with the devil.” Joe Exotic is presently serving 22 years in jail for his role in an alleged murder-for-hire scheme to kill Carole Baskin as well as several wildlife law offenses, as we previously reported.

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