Mike Lindell Thinks Voting Machines Should Be Melted Down And Trump Thinks That’s A ‘Very Good Idea’

“I have said we’re going to melt down machines and use them into prison bars,” Lindell told Trump.

Mike Lindell’s pre-recorded interview with his favorite former president, whom he’s spent the last year claiming was a victim of byzantine — and almost certainly nonexistent — voter fraud, aired on Tuesday, just over three months after the date on which he claimed Trump would be reinstated in office (he wasn’t). It was intended to air as part of some Thanksgiving marathon of conspiracy theory crap, but he apparently decided to move it up a week. And there was that part where Trump agreed with Lindell’s bizarre idea that voting machines be melted, despite the fact that there weren’t many breakthrough moments.

Trump was dressed in an ill-fitting and, given the nonsense, they discussed, a ridiculous tuxedo for the meeting, instead of his customary too-long red tie. Lindell lavished compliments on the former president, and the two then discussed the voter fraud charges that have resulted in a $1.3 billion lawsuit against the interviewer.

Lindell chastised “anyone who moves on” from the 2020 election, which he sees as “saying you’re OK” with the fact that current President Joe Biden won by more than seven million votes. He went on to make a suggestion for future elections.

“I have said we’re going to melt down machines and use them into prison bars,” Lindell told Trump.
Trump was hardly against the idea, calling it “very interesting” and concluding that it was “a very good idea.”

The failed blogger and occasional Mar-a-Lago wedding toast then went off on his former vice president, whom he had lately guarded against potential assassins. “Mike Pence’s decision to hand over those votes was heartbreaking. When there are more votes than voters, when there are other things that are so wrong, that’s when,” Trump remarked. “Many things have transpired since then!”

They sure have. Except that, over a year after the election was called for Biden, a great deal of Americans have moved on. Meanwhile, Trump, his cohorts, and his die-hard supporters continue to spin the same wheels, over and over, perhaps for the rest of time.

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