In Trying To Get Trump Back Into The White House, Mike Lindell Is Wasting So Much Money Every Month

Lindell told the Daily Beast, "I'm paying all of Cause of America's wages."

Mike Lindell, I’ll say it again: he puts his money where his mouth is. Of course, rather than spending his money wisely, such as giving everyone in the world a set of pillows, he’s simply flushing 100 dollar bills down the toilet (which is difficult, given the current water pressure), in an attempt to re-elect Donald Trump. Lindell has spent an estimated $25 million on his futile cause since Election Day, telling CNBC that “I’ll keep spending it because there’s no tomorrow.” Our country is lost to us. It’s either that or we lose our country forever if it’s not modified before the 2022 election. I’m going to squander every penny I have.”

On his trip, he’s got the following:
Lindell claims he’s squandering a million dollars a month to support a slew of right-wing organizations and activists. To add to the expense, the fervent Trump ally claims to be paying $250,000 a month for Cause of America, a new election-conspiracy group. The fact that the group is led by two ladies who were present at the U.S. insurgency on Jan. 6 makes it one of Lindell’s creations. Capitol.

Lindell told the Daily Beast, “I’m paying all of Cause of America’s wages.” “This is our website, Cause of America. The goal of my project was to create a hub that would serve as a resource. It’s a communication hub as well as an information hub. Anyone interested in joining our network can contact us at Cause of America. The Library of Alexandria is a standard Library of Alexandria, but it’s a visual design nightmare with a hazy shot of an American flag held by an American pillow tycoon carrying an American flag.” Otherwise, it’s exactly the same.
Mike, it’s not too late to get those pillows for everyone.

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