Republicans Are Outraged By A Report Claiming That The Majority Of Young Democrats Would Not Be Friends With (Let Alone Date) Them

Others bemoaned the end of an era that may have finally come to an end in 2016 after a long, steady decline.

As we’re continually reminded, we’re a nation irreparably divided. Both sides despise one other. Both sides accuse the other of being the source of their hatred. However, according to a new analysis by Axios, young people on the left are much less eager to break bread — or, for that matter, go on dates — with those on the right. And now, the party whose leaders don’t understand how cancer works or continuously telling people to put themselves in danger is enraged because people they regularly vilify, or worse, refuse to make out with them.

Because the study was only done among college students, it isn’t necessarily representative of all Democrats and Republicans of all ages. Nonetheless, it appears to validate what two decades of culture wars — and just straight-up battles, mostly waged by Republicans — have done to individuals who have lived with it their entire lives.
While the amount of young Republicans who would associate with the opposing party isn’t particularly large, it’s stratospheric when contrasted to how young Democrats feel about them:
Compared to 37% of Democrats, 5% of Republicans said they wouldn’t be friends with someone from the opposing party.
Compared to 31% of Republicans, 71 percent of Democrats would not go on a date with someone who holds different beliefs.
30% of Democrats and 7% of Republicans say they wouldn’t work for someone who voted differently than they did.
There’s more, though! Women seem to be more concerned about this than males. And it’s no surprise: Republicans have spent the previous two decades working to limit women’s rights, most recently by appointing enough far-right judges to the Supreme Court to ensure that Roe v. Wade, which has been in effect for almost four decades, will be overturned.
The story upset one side more than the other, namely Republicans, who believed it proved that Democrats aren’t quite the party of tolerance since they don’t want to hang out with people who keep voting for a guy who doesn’t enjoy beer.

Others bemoaned the end of an era that may have finally come to an end in 2016 after a long, steady decline.

Others said the quiet part out loud, expressing their concern over losing dates with people they despise.

However, it made perfect sense to people on the left.

Others were taken aback by the fact that young Republicans did not share their views on Democrats.

Then again, young Republicans always have that hip dude who drops videos in which he looks like crap.

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