In Charlie Puth And Benny Blanco’s (Possibly Fake) TikTok Feud, Billie Eilish Picks A Side

It's unlikely that the two are simply engaging in a long-running false quarrel for the sake of it.

They’re not just two of the biggest names in music, but they’re also two of the most popular TikTok users: they both made the top 10 list of the most popular music accounts last year. Billie Eilish is also on that list, and she’s now spoken out about the platform dispute between Blanco and Puth, which she claims isn’t real.

Eilish shared a TikTok post over the weekend that begins with Blanco calling Puth a “f*cking loser” who says all he does is “sit in a room all day and make TikToks.” The clip then flips to Eilish, who replies, “What do you do all day, Benny?” The same is true. It’s exactly the same.”

Blanco vs. Puth has a long and storied history. Punter’s 2019 single “I Warned Myself” was co-produced by them, and they recorded another song together in 2020 during an 80-minute Instagram Live session. As a result, it appears that the two have a strong bond, which startled some when the two began feuding on TikTok in recent months. Since then, Blanco has devoted almost entirely of his account to poking fun of Puth, as evidenced by his most recent post from a few days ago.

It’s unlikely that the two are simply engaging in a long-running false quarrel for the sake of it; the whole affair has certainly drew a lot of attention to both of them. Blanco has shown to be a comedian, as seen by his show-stealing appearances on Dave. Eilish has often displayed her outgoing demeanor, therefore it’s probable that she’s also involved in this whole beef.

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