Cynthia Angelica evokes awareness with emotive new single, “Flatline”

What are mass shootings? Surprisingly, the definitions have fluctuated over the years. Some have defined mass shootings as when four or more people are shot, but no one is killed. Others have defined them as when four or more victims die. Many have believed that people who have been shot and wounded, should also be considered victims, and not only the ones who were killed. Others have concluded that there is no specific definition at all.

Regardless of how often the definition of mass shootings has shifted, one thing is definite: They cause permanent pain for all parties involved, whether its physical, mental or emotional. Cynthia Angelica knows this heart-wrenching feeling all too well, as expressed through her emotive new single, “Flatline”.

As Cynthia describes, “Flatline” ponders the state of our country that is overcome with chaos, hatred, and senseless violence. Produced by Dave Mallen, the rock-tinged single was inspired by Cynthia’s sister, a travel nurse. After learning that her sister was in the proximity of a mass shooting, she was engulfed with fear. Despite this, she chose to hold on to hope in the face of hopelessness. Although her sister is still with us today, Cynthia realizes that many people are faced with different outcomes. As a result, the Maryland-based spiritual pop-artist aims to assure them that they aren’t alone.

With influences ranging from Sade, to Richard Smallwood to Tori Amos, Cynthia Angelica is a natural storyteller who aims to continue using her gifts to evoke and inspire. What’s next on the horizon for Cynthia? Stay in the loop by visiting her social media platforms below.

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