Aya Ito examines love’s pleasures and pitfalls with new EP, Just Might

Every relationship, successful or not, is a learning experience

Being in love:  A time when the sun is always shining, the birds are always singing, and the world is seemingly covered in rainbows and butterflies. Basically, one can describe being in love as the ultimate blissful experience. Despite love’s obvious pleasantries, it can also be full of unexpected complexities. For example, searching for love usually starts off as exciting, but often becomes exhausting and disheartening.

In contrast, those of us who are lucky enough to find love, suddenly become more focused on maintaining it, rather than enjoying it. Regardless, finding that one true love is something that we all dream of. Once we capture it, we want nothing more than to hold on to it. Because of the constant rollercoaster that love can often be, some of us wonder if we will ever find it. Tokyo’s own, Aya Ito, knows this feeling all too well.

As a result, the Blasian Sensation aims to ignite ears and hearts with her seven-track debut EP, Just Might.  Engineered and partially produced by Slavic Livins, the eclectic collection is the perfect antidote for both the lovestruck and lovelorn.

“I wanted the project to be relatable for most people. I knew that what I was going through, a lot of people go through, the cycle of breakup, relationship, breakup, and so on,” Ito says. “Every relationship, successful or not, is a learning experience”. “It leads one to figure out what they actually want in a relationship, and then finding it, or thinking they’ve found it, only to realize that it’ll never be perfect.” “However, choosing to compromise, and love each other’s flaws is important.” “I aimed to highlight that cycle in this project.”

From the title track’s R&B groove, to the sweet essence of “Spellbound“, Just Might is filled with catchy bops. The pop effervescence of “Heart of Stone” and “Keep You“, doesn’t disappoint either.  The latter’s Japanese version, delightfully highlight’s Ito’s impressive trilingual abilities.

A multi-genre singer and songwriter, the Japanese/African-American bombshell has also mastered the guitar and piano. Ultimately, she continues to push the envelope with her diverse sound. Gaining influences from musical pioneers such as Beyonce’ and  Michael Jackson, Ito has toured both Japan and the US.

A sound that the Hollywood Times describes as refreshing, melodic and familiar, Just Might has songs for every mood and occasion. Reasons why Aya Ito will continue sharing her golden gifts with the masses. What’s next for the Blasian Sensation? Stay in the loop by visiting her social media platforms below!

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