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Japanese Elderly Lady
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Japan’s Serious Dementia Crisis

Dementia, with no cure, has become a problem among older people. Japan, a country known for high life expectancy, is a reliable population to study the disease. These results may help other countries before it is too late.
Chrissy Turner - via facebook
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Rare Breast Cancer Found In 8 Year Old Girl

8 year old Chrissy Turner has been diagnosed with Secretory Breast Carcinoma, a type of cancer that accounts for fewer than 1% of all breast cancers. She is the youngest in the United States to face this diagnosis.
Beat Holiday Blues
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5 Ways To Combat The Holiday Blues

While for many the holiday season is a happy, fun-filled time of year complete with family, gifts, food and social gatherings for others it is the complete opposite. Many people suffer from severe stress, anxiety and depression during the 5 week period from Thanksgiving to New Years, known at the holiday season.
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4 Completely Random Facts About Food

Most of us take our food for granted and often don't know the origins of where they came. These little unknown facts from some of the most popular things we eat are very shocking.