‘I Can’t Handle It All,’ Tank Says After Losing His Hearing, He’s Dealing With Another Health Issue

Tank disclosed another health condition he faced after losing hearing in one ear during a recent appearance with the "People Every Day" program.

Tank disclosed another health condition he faced after losing hearing in one ear during a recent appearance with the “People Every Day” program.

This news comes seven months after the R&B artist revealed in a now-deleted Instagram video that he was not only going deaf in his right ear, but also “losing sound” in his left. Tank informed the co-hosts of “The Real” chat program in November that his left ear hearing has gotten “quite strong,” despite the fact that his right ear problems haven’t gone away.

Tank also revealed that he was experiencing dizziness and was unable to walk in a straight line, which was later confirmed by the “Please Don’t Go” singer to be an acute case of vertigo. Tank, who was promoting his latest album, “R&B Money,” talked about how his life has changed since his health problems.

He admitted in the Dec. 17 podcast that only hearing out of his left ear was difficult at first. “At first, it was difficult, but now it’s as if all of the information is flooding one ear. Tank said, “That one ear was just like, ‘Hold up, physician, I can’t handle all of that,’ and it took a long time to get that part of it.”

Vertigo is a sensation that causes a person to feel dizzy or off-balance. Although there are a variety of causes for this ailment, the most prevalent one is inner ear problems.

The 45-year-old said he has vertigo “almost every day,” with the intensity ranging from “mild” to “medium.” Despite the problems, Tank said he learned to adapt to his body’s changes even when playing on stage.

“I’m back on stage… My body has kind of made the adjustment to being able to hear on this one side. I know how to operate with the vertigo, so I don’t run into those speakers and then fall off the stage. It’s going pretty good.”

In the podcast, Tank recalled how he knew something was wrong with him before his hearing loss and vertigo diagnosis. The “When We” vocalist said that once he lost his balance and almost fell while trying to leave a gym. 

“I just got completely dizzy … my ear had been clogged, my right ear, and then it just started ringing, and everything just sounded like a distorted telephone was coming through that ear. And then this ear, my left ear, just felt clogged.”

Tank, who was also making a movie at the time of the incident, reported that his symptoms intensified while he was on set, prompting him to seek medical advice. Doctors eventually determined that his abrupt hearing loss was caused by tinnitus, or ear ringing.

Exposure to loud noises, whiplash, head injuries, excessive ear wax, and pharmaceutical side effects are all common causes of tinnitus. Tinnitus can be short-term or long-term.

Tank concluded his comments on his hearing loss by noting that, since doctors only know what is occurring to him right now and what therapies are available, he is hesitant to undergo any surgical operations.

“They don’t know how it happens, they don’t know why it happens, it just happens. They have means to try and treat it that aren’t a hundred percent effective, then they have procedures that you can do to restore your hearing a different way. But once you take those medical procedures, the idea of you hearing naturally is kind of out of the window.”

He went on to say that he’d prefer wait and consider his choices before making a major decision like having cochlear implants. “Nerves take time to repair, and it’s ultimately nerve damage,” Tank explained. I’m going to wait a while before making any major decisions, such as cochlear implants and the like.”

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