Obama ’08… Could It Really Happen?


If you have watched any politcal news program or read about politics in the past recent months, then you\’ve probably heard of Barack Obama. If you haven\’t,  he\’s a junior United States Senator from Illinois who is campaining to run in the 2008 Presidential Elections and he\’s an African American. Now, there have been other black Presidental Canidates in the past, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (who I think ran just to make a point), but no one who people thought could really win. Until now. Yeah, I know I may be getting a little ahead of myself and the elections are more than a year and a half down the road,  but if it happened in South Africa, then maybe it could happen here too?

Personally, I think that Obama is a good canidate despite his race and heritage. He\’s smart, articulate and brings a fresh face into politics. I believe that this is his main appeal to most Americans, especially younger Americans. Whether Obama wins or not, I think that his candidacy for President will change some of the black preception of politics and voting, which is definitely a plus. Ironically, I was watching one of the nightly news programs the other day, and it mentioned that having blacks in executive, middle and upper management positions have shown to increase profit and success for that business. I was like, \”Really… who\’d have thought it… after all these years.\”