Oprah Tells Rihanna to Run!

Oprah gives Rihanna some sound advice.
"He doesn't love you girl."

The queen of talk tells Rihanna to run and to run as far from Chris Brown as fast as she can.  Oprah didn’t pull any punches when she tells Rihanna from the couch of her talk show to stay away from her boyfriend Chris Brown. She told Rihanna “He will hit you again. I don’t care what his plea is. He will hit you again.”

Brown, who has publicly apologized but has not yet entered a plea, is charged with two felonies for allegedly assaulting Rihanna in a rented sports car. If the police affidavit is correct, it was a pretty violent attack which included punching her in the face repeatedly, threatening to kill her, and holding her in a headlock until she nearly passed out.

Oprah is doing a special show on Thursday of this week for, as she puts it, “all the Rihannas” out there so they can learn about domestic violence.

Hopefully all the “Rihannas” heed this warning.  This is a jarring statistic that really struck a chord with me, more than three homicides each day are committed in this country by a partner or former partner. Women most at risk are those between 16 and 24 years old.  And surprise, Rihanna falls right into that age group.

Why do women such as Rihanna go back?  Experts say even successful women like Rihanna go back because they don’t see any other option. They don’t know a lot about the counseling resources out there and they take their partners’ word this won’t happen again.

Was Oprah right to warn Rihanna?  What do you think?  Speak your mind below.  Sound off below the clip.

[youtube z1G5ZVVMxlI]

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