Talk About Sex Ed!

Test out your knowledge of sex. Lets see how many times you get one on the chin.


The city health office in London, Ontario, created an online sex-education game that officials hope will appeal to teenagers in that its messages are delivered by a cast of iconic superheroes. According to a February report by Canwest News Service, the players are Captain Condom (who wears a “cap”), Wonder Vag (a virgin girl), Power Pap (“sexually active”) and Willy the Kid, with each fighting the villain Sperminator, who wears a red wrestling mask and has phalluses ( penis ) for arms. The characters answer sex knowledge questions and, with correct answers, obtain “protection,” but a wrong one gets the player squirted with sperm. At press time, the game was still accessible at

I played this game to see if its really educational. It is, its very educational. It’s funny at the same time. If you are offended easily, than this is not the game for you. Getting blasted with sperm for a wrong answer is not the way to start your day. Its not masculine to say, ” I only got squirted three times, not bad”. Maybe different for the women, just might enjoy the money shot.
Lil Jon should be on this game – SKEET SKEET SKEET!!