Rebuilding Together to Help Rebuild New Orleans One House at a Time

Rebuilding Together will celebrate the unwavering spirit of the Gulf Coast and New Orleans as another fifty homes…
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Rebuilding Together will celebrate the unwavering spirit of the Gulf Coast and New Orleans as another fifty homes are rehabilitated, and Rebuilding Together comes closer to the pledge of 1,000 homes completed in the Gulf. Community block parties, local music and entertainment, a thousand volunteers, and celebrities will be present at project sites all week; creating one of the biggest impact projects New Orleans has experienced since the first hurricane in 2005.

Participate, watch and contribute as Rebuilding Together rebuilds and reclaims New Orleans as the city it once was.

Rebuilding Together highlights several National Initiatives during Fifty for Five

Rebuilding Together, the nation’s leading nonprofit working to preserve affordable homeownership, continues to expand their upcoming event. Three of Rebuilding Together’s major intiatives (Green Housing, Safe at Home, and Veterans Housing) will be featured at Fifty for Five.

Green Housing amenities and education will be incorporated into Fifty for Five and consequential renovations. Rebuilding Together will utilize their extensive green practices and knowledge throughout the work week; which will deliver incredible resources to the homeowners and the entire community. The health, longevity and efficiency of the community will be significantly expanded through Rebuilding Together’s Green Housing Initiative.

Rebuilding Together’s national initiative Safe at Home focuses its modification efforts on accessibility and fall prevention for homeowners. This program delivers crucial home adjustments to ensure aging-in-place for the elderly, allowing them to sustain an independent lifestyle. Rebuilding Together’s Safe at Home program’s key components include: fall and fire prevention strategies, repairs that impact the health of the homeowner, and allow the family to enjoy their home in a safe and healthy environment. During Fifty for Five, Rebuilding Together’s Safe at Home program will work with more than 70 Occupational Therapists from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.

Veterans Housing is an initiative that was instituted to assist veterans who are struggling to adapt to civilian life after their military service. To date, over 750 veterans’ homes have been rebuilt via Rebuilding Together’s Veterans Housing Initiative. During Fifty for Five twelve more homes belonging to veterans will be rebuilt.

The event takes place August 24th through the 29th.

Check out Rebuilding Together and Fifty for Five for more information.

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