The Hate List! Racist!

Today’s Hate List! Comes from the fact that I am Mad as Sh!T!

1. I hate that I have more in common with white women than I like to admit. First, I love to garden, I have a passion for flowers. Second, I hate white men. I really hate the white bastard that laid me off the other day. Last but not least, I am scared of Black men. What can I say? Black men scare me.

2. I hate Asian people and Middle Eastern people. Those bastards CAN NOT DRIVE. How the hell they get permission to drive in the United States. And don’t let it be a women from one of these places, they will run your dumbass over, and not stop until they get home. Oh let me not forget that they don’t realize that they hit you. They go in the house and eat dinner, then the police come and tell them that they got a n!gger stuck in the between the Nissan logo and the bumper. At least Mexicans try to avoid hitting n!ggers. I said, “Try”.

3. I hate my imperfection with the word Motherf@cker. I have a tendency to say Mu-Va F@cker!

4. I hate people that are jealous of their kids. If you are jealous of your kid you’re a complete piece of sh!T. Grow the F@ck up.

5. I hate when I sneeze while I am driving. I try so hard to keep my eyes open, but fail every time. I always think that I am going to run into something.

6. I hate when I am walking behind someone and they stop walking with no regard to me behind them.

7. I hate loud talking n!ggers, I hate non-talking n!ggers, I hate the word n!gger. I hate that there is nothing worse than a N!gger that hate to be called n!gger!. I hate white n!ggers, I hate Asian n!ggers, I hate Middle Eastern n!ggers, I hate African n!ggers that act like that better than American n!ggers. Just let me say that all these n!ggers are a trip. If you are tired of the word n!gger and everything it stands for abolish the word. And let’s bring back the word Honky.

8. I hate black comedians that use the same dumbass scheme or routine. Sex, n!ggers being broke, big d@cks, white people, a n!gger quitting their job. Funny black comedians are a dying breed. Damn, note to self: erase comment about White bastard that laid my big D@ck ass off, leaving me broke but able to still give my lady the pipe on regular. Matter of fact that bastard didn’t lay me off, I quit before he had the chance to fire me.

9. I hate having to check my bag when I go into certain stores (Black stores or black stores owned by Asians or Middle Eastern people.)

10. I hate that racism is a tool that is used to divide and conquer our society. As long as we continue to look at each other as subhuman and not value the life of every individual, we will fall like Rome. Like Greece, like Ancient Egypt, like every great society before us. Evolve and embrace everyone’s difference. We are all racist, but our racist views can be cured with love and understanding.

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