Exclusive Interview: Shelly Hickman on Why She’s Definitely a ‘Bad Girl’ and Not a ‘Bully’

Bad Girl’s Shelly Hickman finally clears the air about what took place on the show.

With a show being called Bad Girls, you can most certainly expect some of the girls in the show to be well, um, bad.  And Shelly Hickman, from season 7’s edition of the show is probably as bad, if not badder than any of the other girls that came before her.

For those that haven’t seen the show, it’s basically an all femme fatale version of The Real World where cameras follow the relationships and dramas of seven “bad girls” from across the country as they party and fight.   And just as you would imagine. drinks are definitely thrown, weaves are pulled out, and the claws definitely come out.

We sit down with Shelly, for her to clear the air of what really went on with the show and to clarify some of the things that we didn’t really see play out.

Christina: What makes you a Bad Girl?

Shelly: This is my favorite question that people ask. A lot of people think a “bad girl” has to do with yelling the loudest or popping off at every dumb move someone makes. Well if that was the case then every girl with a voice would be a bad girl and every time you went anywhere you would be popping off cause there are A LOT of dumb people. In my opinion a “bad girl” is a woman that has a strong enough heart and head to forget all of the haters and be able to stand up for what she believes in no matter what the consequences might be.

Christina: Since you are in a same sex relationship, any plans to marry? If so when?

Shelly: First my girlfriend says “Thanks!” and appreciates the now added pressure from that question. Yes, I do plan on getting married. Even if it is not legal in my state, I will still someday have a ceremony to celebrate the love me and my partner share. We are equal to any other couple and deserve that right just like everyone else.

Christina: What did you do for your girlfriend to honor her on the celebration of Sept 11, since she is in the military?

Shelly: Every Sep 11, I make sure I spend time reflecting on the terrible events that have happened. It still is heart breaking and brings me to tears. I thank Sarah for her efforts and strength everyday so it never has to be a certain date for her to know how appreciated she is.

Christina: Tasha use of derogatory terms didn’t sit with you well. Are you still friends with her? And if so, has she made an effort to comply not using them around you or at all?

Shelly: Ahhh, I was so disappointed when I heard what Tasha was saying behind my back. It wasn’t the fact that she was just talking about me that made it not cool but the pure fact that it is was highly disrespectful to the community that I support, live in, and fight for. She and I were still talking a bit until the episodes aired, but it has yet to take the sting away.

Christina: Judi has reference you as a bully on the show! What is it about her personality that always seems to lead you to a physical altercation with her?

Shelly: First of all, everyone does realize it is TV right? Okay good. Judi is a sweet girl when she is sober! I was able to have some decent conversations with her throughout taping the show. However, when she would drink, it was like a totally different person and whether it looks like it or not, you weren’t stuck around these girls showing their “wolf monkey” out at the club. It was just irritating that I would spend a day hanging around someone who spends a whole day apologizing about their actions the night before and then does the shit all over again ten hours later. You start just hearing “Blah, Blah, and Blah” when they open their mouth.

Christina: What are your thoughts about Angie, who seems to be switching from you, Priscilla and Tasha then Tiara, Stasi, and Judi?

Shelly: I like Angie a lot. For as young as she is, she really knew a lot and had a strong head on her shoulders. I really did not care who was friends with whom as long as they kept it real.

Christina: Stasi throw a drink on you during an altercation, why didn’t you pop off on her?

Shelly: Ummma, the word class mean anything??? We were at dinner not at the club or at home, but at DINNER! You never know if there are kids around, you just don’t do that shit in public. I mean I am not “trailer park trash white!” so I know better. And they also did not show everything that happened at home.

Christina: Do you feel you being on the show will help the Gay and Lesbian community? If so how?

Shelly: I have no idea. All I know is any chance I had to stand up for my beliefs, I do. It is not easy being gay that’s for damn sure but I would rather fight and live how God made me than be miserable lying to myself all of my life. Hopefully, anyone who struggles with this can see that they are not alone and that there is always someone fighting towards equality and that someday it will be okay. It does and will get better every day as long as we do not give up!!!

Christina: When Judi throw a drink on the girls off the balcony during Mardi Gras, why didn’t you let them up to get their revenge?

Shelly: Because she would have gotten her ass kicked. There were six drunken girls pissed because someone they did not even know and not bothering threw a drink on them. Judy was not blacked-out so I thought maybe by coming to her that she would understand what she did was wrong but, nope, that did not happen.

Christina: What can your fans except from you once the show is off the air? Will we see you on TV again? Modeling? Or back to the regular life?

Shelly: A mix of both I am hoping. I really want to get involved with as many charities and events as I can. I love fighting for equal rights and animal, as stuff like that is my favorite. Now that DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) has been eliminated, I look forward to spending more open time with my partner. I want to travel as much as possible and just do amazing things with the opportunities I have been so blessed with.

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