Dennis Rodman Faces Jail Time for $860,276 in Back Child and Spousal Support

What else can go wrong for the flamboyant Dennis Rodman?

The former Hall of Famer can possibly face 20 days of jail time due to his non payment of child and spousal support.

Rodman has to come up with $860,376 in order not to be arrested and jailed.

The problem is that Rodman is broke according to his financial advisors. His alcohol addiction has made it hard for Rodman to work so he could support his obligations. “In all honesty, Dennis, although a very sweet person is an alcoholic,” said his financial advisor Peggy.

Rodman who is now 50-years-old, was once known for his incredible defense and rebounding skills. Skills that earned him a bust in the Basketball Hall of Fame last year.

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