Dennis Rodman Accused Of Slapping Man in Bar


Dennis Rodman is in some hot water after he allegedly slapped somebody at a bar in Florida.

TMZ Sports reports that Dennis Rodman was accused of slapping a man at his own birthday party last week in Florida. Police officials say that they are currently investigating the incident.


Rodman, 58, is said to have “unprovokedly” slapped a 30-year-old man across the face at a Delray Bar. The victim reportedly told police that the NBA legend immediately said sorry and even took him to dinner as an apology.

However, the victim says he was left with a corneal abrasion so he filed a police report on Saturday. Apparently, a witness backed up the man’s story

“[David Lee] Roth stated he was about twenty feet away and he saw Rodman turn around and open hand smack [the victim] two times,” Said the police report.

However, Dennis’s lawyer, Lorne Berkeley, said that his client didn’t slap anyone.


“I’ve spoken with people who were with Dennis the entire night of the alleged incident at Buddha Sky Bar. No one saw any such incident occur and Dennis was sober the entire night,” Berkeley told TMZ Sports. “Currently the matter is in its preliminary stages but we fully expect after a thorough investigation that no such incident will be substantiated. Dennis denies any such incident occurred.”

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