Deion Sanders is in the Spotlight Again


Once again the ugly situation with Deion and Pilar Sanders has made headlines again. This time the battle is reaching the children.  A judge in McKinney Texas has ordered temporary custody of the children to Deion and has made it known the the ex Mrs. Sanders is to stay a minimum if 500 yards from the house they both share. This brought up because of the assault that took place in the home in which Pilar claimed the Deion assaulted her. Both were charged in the matter. The children were photographed and posted on twitter giving their statements by Deion Sanders. The children wrote that Pilar was the aggressor in the assault. Is this just a ploy to make him look good?

I am a passionate person. Every task that I pick I do it with passion. I am artist that loves all things artsy. I like to create things that many people can interpret differently. I am passionate about the youth and spend time mentoring, so maybe I can make a difference in their lives and the community as a whole.

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