#ArtistTalk: Du Ya Dee Brings Multicultural Influences to Musical Realm

Du Ya Dee multicultural roots really show through her music.

Turkish-born, Belgium raised, international artist Du Ya Dee is taking her music globally. With an upcoming album on the horizon and her single ‘I Belong To You’ currently in clubs, the singer recently sat down to give her fans insight into who and what has shaped her sound, and her thoughts on the ever-changing landscape of the music industry.

Who were your musical influences growing up?

Toni Braxton, Alicia Keys, Joss Stone, Ne-Yo, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Chaka Khan, Mary J. Blige, Queen, and Michael Jackson.

How has your multicultural background influenced your sound?

I was influenced by classical music and the love for the piano at a young age when I started ballet.

Also the fact that I was born and raised in Belgium, and having Turkish roots, I was confronted with a wide range of different sounds and styles of music as a child. The love for American soul and R&B music was always something that I loved most and that’s what got me into writing music in the first place.

Every artist has their own process when in the studio. What’s your creative process?

Experimenting and trying to express my emotions through sound and word in the most honest way as possible.


Collaboration is an integral part of music-making. How important is it for you to when it comes to producing new musical content?

The most important thing about a collaboration in my opinion is making sure it complements each other, even if sounds and styles are different, there has got to be some kind of connection which creates that vibe. I’m always open about experimenting and exploring myself through music.

How would you describe the current state of the music industry?

It is not easy and it never has been. Especially nowadays because technology seems to take the overhand in the music industry. The priority is not only good music, but they expect the full package on a silver platter. You already have to have success before you get recognized.

Have the technological advances used in modern music-making made it easier or harder for true artists to thrive?

It has a lot of advances if you know how to use the tools in the right way, but it also makes it harder because technology seems to grow faster and artists have to try to keep up with the latest trend. Also the fact that you depend on views and likes doesn’t decide if you are a true artist or not in my opinion. The social media however emphasizes and creates this illusion in my eyes.

Which artists and/or producers would you like to make music with?


‘I Belong To You’, produced by Leroy Chambers

Which mainstream artist(s) have a career that you would like to model your own after?

A combination of Beyonce, Rihanna, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

Describe your sound in a phrase?

Soothing and smooth.

To keep up to date on the latest Du Ya Dee and her upcoming album, follow her social media network:

Artist website: http://www.duyadee.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/duyadeemusic/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/duyadeemusic/

Du Ya Dee’s ‘Work it Out’ Video

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