Apple TV Development Should Be Your Highest Priority

It's time for you to hop aboard the Apple TV smart train.

Thanks to the introduction of Apple TV’s tvOS operating system, there is a whole new world of potential for your company to intimately connect with the lives of your customers.

The Apple TV platform is moving on from the stripped-down version of the iPhone and iPadOS that it used in previous iterations. The 4th generation of Apple’s popular living room set-top box has migrated to a new, full featured OS which will give consumers more content diversity while allowing developers to take full advantage of the platform. Now companies can produce e-commerce, music, lifestyle apps, and games as well as TV anywhere applications.

Because the Apple TV has proved so commercially popular (with a large and growing user base), and because the tvOS development environment has become more open, this is a great opportunity for companies and brands to get in on the ground floor of an emerging and potentially highly lucrative market. The living room is already the entertainment and social centre of most households, and forward-thinking companies like Apple are positioning it to be the command centre as well, potentially eliminating the need for desktop and laptop computers entirely. There is no better time to migrate your app to the tvOS platform, ensuring that your company is firmly entrenched when the transition occurs.

With so much on the line, if your company is considering wading into the tvOS market, you should go with a development team that has the right combination of talent and experience to see you through. Don’t trust in-house developers who are mostly focused on finding business-side solutions for your critical commercial project – you want the first impression you give consumers to be the best one possible. Make sure that you choose an agile, focused group of developers like Clearbridge Mobile in North America to handle your tvOS app development. They have years of experience producing mobile apps from project definition to delivery, with full transparency and dedicated project management so that you can be sure your development is on track.

It is likely that, going forward, mobile is going to always be a significant part of your company’s development strategy. But it is becoming increasingly obvious that smart TV enabled platforms like the Apple TV’s tvOSshould also be a major part of your company’s outreach and branding strategy.

As the television starts to regain its place as the hearth of the modern age, consumers will want to use it to provide a growing number of services that were never considered the domain of television in the past.

Make sure that your company is not left behind by this movement by checking out and getting into contact with a professional development team.

By doing so you will ensure that your tvOS app is everything that your company needs it to be to face the new future of the living room.

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