Son of Ray Lewis, Former Ravens Linebacker, Arrested For Criminal Sexual Assault

The 20-year-old college football player was charged with 3rd-degree sexual assault. He was released within 90 minutes on $10,000 bond.
ray lewis III

Ray Anthony Lewis, III, son of  former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, was arrested in South Carolina today. The 20-year-old college football  player was  charged with  3rd degree sexual assault.

Apparently, the investigation has been going on since  January 23rd when two women walking into a local  hospital claiming they had been sexually assaulted. Both women asked that a rape kit be done and  reported Lewis as their  attacker. Charging documents state that Lewis sexually  assaulted the 18-year-old while she  was under the influence of  drugs and/or alcohol.

Lewis is  currently a cornerback for Coastal Carolina University. According to the victim the sexual assault happened at an apartment near campus.

Lewis was booked  after turning himself in early Friday morning. He was released within 90 minutes on $10,000 bond.

Just recently his  father former Ravens MVP, Ray Lewis, released a controversial  videos condemning the  Black Lives Matters  movement. Looks like  he has  some lessons  to teach at home still before venturing out to tell others  how to behave.

Already, people have started to  compare the younger Lewis  to his dad’s past criminal history, saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Some may remember that the elder Lewis  was  acquitted of  murder in the stabbing death of  two men in 2000.

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