Another Day Another Baltimore Murder. Trayvon Lee, Manager Of Lor Scoota, CEO Of YBS Records, Shot Outside His Home.

In 5 months the families of these 3 men, who lives were so intertwined, have been devastated. First Chino's shooting in February, Lor Scoota's murder in June and now the murder of Trayvon Lee in July.

R.I.P. Trayvon “Truz” Lee

I can’t begin to make you understand the magnitude of fear I’ve probably put in my own child in the last 24 hours. In 24 hours I’ve had to have a talk with him about the blatant murder of two Black men on video at the hands of police and then about the death of another prominent local figure.

Like I told you two weeks ago when Lor Scoota was gunned down after leaving a peace rally he had just finished hosting, if you have something going for yourself you have to get out of Baltimore. Trayvon Lee was known to many as the manager of slain Baltimore rapper Tyriece “Lor Scoota” Watson. The 24-year-old was more than that though, he was a father, a brother, he was someone’s son. Lee was also the CEO of YBS ( Young Ballers Shining) Records.

Trayvon “Truz” Lee was shot outside his home on Anoka Ave just minutes away from Druid Hill Park and the Baltimore Zoo Wednesday night. The young CEO was found with at least one gunshot wound to his upper body and transported to a local hospital when he died. Months ago his brother 19-year-old Chino Braxton, a popular dirt bike stunt rider signed to Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers Records, was also shot in the same location. Chino was shot twice in the head but survived his injuries.

Chino tweeted on Thursday, “My lil sister was standing in the door when I got shot. She was standing in the door when her other brother loss his life.”


Chino Statement


On Instagram the young dirt bike rider memorialized his brother saying in part “I went through so much this year. It’s crazy was shot in My head 2 times, one grazed me, one still in my skull and u were the one there bro. U ain’t miss a day.” Braxton also pledged to look out for Lee’s son and family.

Baltimore City Police do not know if the two murders are connected but they have released a motive in Lor Scoota’s shooting. BCPD spokesperson, T.J. Smith called the shooting part of a “tennis match of violence” describing a pattern of retaliatory shootings between two groups. Police theorize that Lil Scoota’s murder was in retaliation for a non fatal shooting one of his associates was previously involved in.

In 5 months the families of these 3 men, who lives were so intertwined, have been devastated. First Chino’s shooting in February, Lor Scoota’s murder in June and now the murder of Trayvon Lee in July.

Social media has been flooded with an outpouring of memories, RIP’s and outrage as the news of Lee’s murder has spread.

I find it hard to believe that these young men who are making moves in Baltimore don’t understand that they will quickly become targets. I don’t blame any of these young men for what happened to them. I BEG those of you who don’t participate in the nonsense of street culture to stop promoting it, to stop hanging with people who are in it and to find a safe place to live. Don’t be caught slipping like this. Just like you don’t do dirt where you eat, you don’t get money there either. When Chino was shot in the hood the whole damn family should have packed up to a area more suitable for a family with two young Black men trying to make it big.

I can understand not wanting to look like a sell out, but what good is street cred if it only gets you killed?

In 2015 there were 301 fatal shootings in Baltimore City. The death of Trayvon Lee was the 29th homicide in Baltimore City in the last 30 days.




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